The Dance Program: Dance Education


The Dance Education prepares dancers to lead their own classes in the studio or classroom, while they continue their own training as performers and choreographers.

The Dance Education concentration prepares the student to teach dance in the K-12 classroom, private studio, or community dance programs. Students can complete both a dance major and Muhlenberg's highly regarded teaching certification program in just four years. Coursework includes a hands-on practicum semester, pedagogy, kinesiology, and composition. Students also have the opportunity to teach professionally at Muhlenberg's Commuity Dance Center.

photo by matthew wrightAll dance majors, of course, continue their studio dance training throughout their four years at Muhlenberg, working closely with the Dance Program's internationally acclaimed faculty and guest artists. Most also continue to perform on the Mainstage and in informal concerts and ensembles.

Academic dance concentrations provide an excellent foundation for continuing studies at the master's degree level. Dance Education students can go on to continued study in pedagogy, history and sociology, as well as arts administration and management.

Coursework for Dance Education concentrators includes:photo by matthew wright

  • Foundation courses in movement and composition
  • Dance teaching theory and methods
  • Courses in anatomy, kinesiology, and somatic practice for dancers
  • Continued training in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance
  • Advanced Dance Composition
  • Stagecraft and design
  • Optional courses in African dance and cultures, and a teaching dance practicum