The Dance Program: Dance Science


The Dance Science concentration is the foundation for a wide range of dance-related careers — and for the opportunity to continue training and performing.

The Dance Science concentration combines dance training with biology, psychology, and anatomy. Many dancers seeking a well-rounded education will pursue both performance and dance science concentrations, often leading to careers in dance medicine, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Course offerings include anatomy, kinesiology, and somatic practice, as well as coursework in the College's excellent biology, psychology, and physics departments.

All dance majors,‌ of course, continue their studio dance training throughout their four years at Muhlenberg, working closely with the Dance Program's internationally acclaimed faculty and guest artists. Most also continue to perform on the Mainstage and in informal concerts and ensembles.

Academic dance concentrations provide an excellent foundation for continuing studies at the master's degree level. Many dance science students go on to careers in dance medicine, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, and some have gone on to medical school to become doctors specializing in dance medicine. Dance scholarship students can go on to continued study in history and sociology, as well as arts administration and management.

for Dance Science concentrators includes:

  • Foundation courses in technique and topics in Dance Science
  • Anatomy and Kinesiology for Dancers, and Experiential Anatomy & Somatic Practic
  • Continued training in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance
  • Optional courses in biology, comparative anatomy, physiology, psychology, and general physics

Physical Therapy Co-op Program

Muhlenberg offers a cooperative program with Thomas Jefferson University for students interested in the fields of dance and physical therapy. Students spend a total of six years — three at Muhlenberg and three at Thomas Jefferson — and finish with a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance and a Doctorate in physical therapy. The bachelor's degree is issued after the first completed year at Thomas Jefferson.

This program requires application by Jan. 1 of the senior year of high school. Find out more.