Women's & Gender Studies



To complete the Women’s & Gender Studies minor, students must complete WST 202: Topics in Women’s & Gender Studies (or * an equivalent course designated by director) and five additional courses from the list of approved cross-listed courses. Students may choose their five additional WST courses according to their own interests. A WST internship and an independent study can also count toward the minor. With its great variety of courses, the WST minor allows students to fulfill many graduation requirements while completing the minor. There are classes that count towards the WST minor that also fulfill the divisional and perspectives requirements. WST 202: Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies fulfills part of the Writing requirement. All other WST courses also count toward at least one major.

The five additional courses to be chosen in consultation with the Director include but are not limited to this list of courses:

AAS 101 Intro to African American Studies
ATH 250 Anthropology of Sex & Gender
COM 316 Mass Persuation & Proaganda
COM 374 or 375 Gender, Communication, & Culture
DNC 201 Dance Histroy
ECN 247 or 248 Economics of Men & Women at Work
ENG 206 Reading Austen
ENG 235 Contemporary Drama & Perfromance Art
ENG 267 or 268 Literature and Sexuality
ENG 329 or 330 19th Century British Fiction: The Marraige Plot
ENG 397 Gender Sensation & the Novel
HST 104 Reformers & Radicals in US History
HST 106 Intro to History: The American Dream
HST 130 Introduction to History: America's Consumer Nation
HST 135 Intro to History: Latin America through Women's Eyes
HST 327 or 328 Women's America
HST 382 Gender and Sex in European History
HST 397 Women in the Middle East
PHL 227 Philosophy of Feminism
PSC 201 Political Ideologies
PSC 303 or 304 Intro to Peace & Conflict Studies
PSC 303 Gender, Politics, & Policy
PSY 221 Multicultural Psychology
PSY 322 Psychology of Women
REL 104 Sex, Gender, & Religion
REL 351 The Feminine in South Asia
REL 353 Gender & Sexuality in Judaism
REL 382 Gender and Religion in East Asia
REL 353 Gender & Sexuality in Judaism
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 105 The Family
SOC 335 Inequality & Power
SOC 243 Sexuality & Gender
SOC 350 Social Movements
THR 301 or 302 Theories of the Theatre: Feminist Theories
THR 336 History of Queer Performance
WST 180 Gender in Art
WST 202 Topics in Women's & Gender Studies
WST 280 Intro to LGBT
WST 960 Women's & Gender Studies Internship