We welcome transfers to Muhlenberg, and we accept transfer students in both the fall and spring. However, transfer admission is granted on a space-contingent basis. The number of admitted transfer students each semester is directly related to the total enrollment at Muhlenberg.

Typically we admit 15-25 transfers every fall and another 10-15 for spring.

Am I a transfer?

If you have previously matriculated at another post-secondary institution, you’re a transfer applicant. Even if you have not earned credit at another institution, you can’t apply to Muhlenberg as a freshman.

Questions? Transfer candidates who are considering our full-time residential program can contact our transfer coordinator, Kim Stolarik.

If you are a part-time or full-time adult (over the age of 23) transfer student, please contact our Wescoe School by calling 484-664-3300.


Housing is now guaranteed for admitted transfer students who wish to live on campus.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available for transfer students. Be sure to fill out the appropriate paperwork to maximize your opportunities. You’ll find directions in the Transfer checklist.


Once you’ve been admitted to Muhlenberg, we would be glad to do a “transcript read” to determine which of your credits will transfer from your previous institution(s). In order to do this, we’ll need an official college transcript reflecting your grades as well as course descriptions from the appropriate college catalog. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this service to all transfer applicants, but only to admitted transfers.

Transfer checklist