Athletics: Men's Soccer

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Men's Soccer International Trips

Every three summers, the Muhlenberg men's soccer team travels to Europe, combining sightseeing with competition against top club teams.

Spain 2012
Muhlenberg spent 10 days in Barcelona in 2012. Read the team journal: Part 1 | Part 2

Germany/Austria 2009
In 2009, the Mules traveled to Germany and Austria where they trained, played against local club teams and visited some of the stadiums that hosted the 2006 World Cup.

Germany The players pose while crossing the Alps.
Germany A post-training shot at the foot of the Alps

england The Mules pose with Harmony Row, a Scottish team they played on their 2006 trip. Scotland 2006

Scotland/England 2003
Returning players on the men's and women's soccer teams traveled to Scotland and England in August 2003.The teams trained, played matches and did plenty of sightseeing. Stops along the way included St. Andrews, Stirling, Edinburgh, London, Southport, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, and Windsor. The teams visited castles, universities, tourist attractions, and, of course, some of Britain's most famous soccer stadiums for tours and to watch matches. The teams held their own in exhibition matches against British teams. The teams also got some off-the-field preparation for the season. Together 24 hours a day, the players got a chance to bond with one another and build team chemistry.
england The players and coaches gather for a group photo in Southport.

england The players pose with a statue of Scottish hero William Wallace at the Wallace Monument.

england The Mules pose with Clyde Football Club, a Scottish Division One squad. Scotland/England 2000
Muhlenberg journeyed to England and Scotland just prior to the 2000 season, mixing sightseeing and cultural exchange with top-notch competition.