Strength and Conditioning: Philosophy

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Women's Basketball Players doing Hang CleansThe philosophy of the Strength and Conditioning department at Muhlenberg College is to provide a comprehensive, sport-specific strength and conditioning program that gives our student-athletes the opportunity to achieve their full a‌thletic potential while minimizing the risk of injury. The strength-training program is based primarily on developing power and speed through the use of the Olympic lifts and supplementary lifts. The majority of exercises are free-weight, ground-based, and/or multi-joint oriented. In the weight room the student-athletes workout in a safe environment and receive personalized instruction as to the technique of every exercise. Each athlete has a personalized workout that takes into account their sport, strength levels, and seasonal needs. ‌

Throughout the year each team will do periodic testing to see the gains in strength and fitness levels that each individual has made. Along with strength training in the weight room, every team will do speed, agility, plyometric, flexibility and conditioning work in various facilities. This environment is designed to bring about unparalleled athletic ability as well as teach the leadership, dedication, and determination to excel at sport as well as life.

 Areas Of emphasis
Power | Speed | Strength | Agility | Injury Prevention | Injury Rehab | Nutrition | Recovery

To fulfill the mission, the Strength and Conditioning staff will:

  • Implement sound training programs to better develop each athlete for the improvement of speed, muscular power, and endurance.
  • Teach proper training techniques to prevent injury, advance training adaptations, and promote competitiveness.
  • Teach leadership to the student-athlete to better prepare them for the world of athletics as well as the life away from their college experience.
  • Express accountability for hard work, dedication, and determination.