Community Service & Civic Engagement


Service Learning Courses

  • Active, Fall 2011:

What do I want to be when I grow up? - Bredlau

Management - Boyles

Child Psychopathology - Sciutto

Spanish in the Community: Interpreting- Sutherland

Community Performace Ensemble - Oliver

Community Performance Ensemble - VanDenden Sorge

Crisis Earth - Heiman

Non-Profit Management - Kushner

Psychology of Women - Richmond


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  • All Courses:

Investigations in Field Biology: Costa Rica - Niesenbaum
Environmental & Cultural Conservation in Latin America - Niesenbaum
Special Topics: Field Studio Costa Rica - Elliott
Concepts of Federal Taxation - Knox
Child Psychopathology - Sciutto
Psychology of Adolescence -Sinno
Urban Ethnography - Rosenberg
Local Sustainability - Heiman
Psychology of Women - Bips
Spanish for the Community: Translation - Sutherland
Community Performance Ensemble - Oliver
Marketing in Non-profit Organizations -Eisenberg
Organizational Behavior - London
Spanish in the Community: Interpreting - Sutherland
Intro to American National Govt - Deegan
Intro to American National Govt - Matthews-Gardner
What do I want to be when I grow up? - Bredlau
A House is not a Home - Bips
Concepts of Biology: Genes, Genomics, & Society - Hark
Heroines and Harlots of Latin America - Ouellette
Management - Boyles
Health Psychology - Harring
Foundations of Exercise Science & Wellness - Andrews
Sociology of Food - Chi
Literacy in Primary Grades - Kim
Middle Grades Literacy & Social Studies Curriculum - Kim