Greek Life



A student is eligible to participate in recruitment if s/he is a full-time student at Muhlenberg College, entering at least his/her second full year of studies, and has a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 (men) or 2.50 (women). Full-time is defined as taking three or more courses in a semester. Students feeling that they have had hardships or mitigating circumstances that impacted their academics may appeal to the Inter-Fraternity Council or Panhellenic Council for special consideration. The appeal must be made at least seven days prior to the closing of the registration process.

Newly matriculated transfer students must submit a full transcript from their previous institution(s) to verify eligibility in order to participate.

A student is not eligible to participate in recruitment if s/he is currently serving a disciplinary suspension or expulsion.

A student on disciplinary probation is eligible to participate pending the approval of the Inter-Fraternity Council (for NIC groups), the Panhellenic Council (for NPC groups) or the Director of Greek Affairs (for non-affiliated groups).