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Students for Queer Advocay (S.Qu.Ad.)

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Student Contact:  Luis Garcia and Melanie Ferrara (Co-Presidents)
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Troy Dwyer

S.Qu.Ad. exists primarily to serve the community of Muhlenberg College.

We strive to include all people in our organization, including gay men, lesbian women, bisexual men and women, those questioning their sexual and gender identity, transgendered individuals and members of the allied community.  We strive to:

create a comfortable space for those individuals

  • create a physical safe space (the Pride House) which is free of discrimination and open to everyoneprovide activities for queer members of our community and their allies
  • advocate for political and social change with relevance to the queer community

Queer Prom


To get involved, contact:
Luis Garcia-