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Students for Queer Advocacy


  • co-Presidents: Amanda Nell & McCabe Wilus

  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Troy Dwyer

What is SQuAd?

SQuAd stands for Students for Queer Advocacy; we are Muhlenberg College's LGBTQ group. SQuAd has both an activist and social component. Our most important objective is creating a safe-space for students of all identities.

What are the goals of the SQuAd?

  • Create a safe-space for all individuals, particularly those who are LGBTQ-identified
  • provide education for SQuAd members and the wider Muhlenberg Community regarding LGBTQ-related issues\
  • advocate for political and social change related to the queer community, both on campus and beyond
  • engage in multicultural life in a larger way by collaborating and supporting other affiliated groups
  • have fun with social events and group activities to foster a stronger queer community on campus

Who can join?

ANYONE AND EVERYONE. SQuAd is accepting of all individuals regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, political views, and etcetera.
We are a safe-space for all LGBTQ-identified individuals, those questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, and their allies.

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