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 What is the Mules Kick-Start Card?

"The Mules Kick-Start Card is the new an approved Passport Program."  The card tracks and reward students participation in designated Multicultural Life and or Diversity programs. At the beginning of each semester, first-year students can pick up their Mules Kick-Start Card at the semester first-year brunch or stop down to the Multicultural Center. For each event students attend, they will get one punch on their card. At the end of the semester, the student will be entered into a raffle depending on the number of punches they received. More punches will increase a student's chances to win!

Need more details? Check with our Mules Kick-Start Card Guidelines.


Mules Kick-Start Card levels:

           Bronze Card           0-7 events

           Silver Card              8-14 events

           Maroon Card         15-21 events

           Gold Card                22+ events

        • What are the Benefits of a Mule Kick-Start Card?

Having a Mules Kick Start card encourages campus engagement and meeting new students outside of the classroom. Additionally, students can count on a fun time and free food! Using the Mules Kick-Start card will allow you to be eligible to win great prizes such as:

         Bronze Card: $25 gift certificate to the bookstore

         Silver Card:

         Maroon Card:

         Gold Card:

What if I lose my card?

Mules Kick-Start program is not responsible for the loss of any card. You are welcome to begin the level over again. For example; if you lost the silver card, we will be able to track that you completed the bronze card and are eligible to begin at the silver level again.

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