Graduation Pledge Alliance

The Senior Year Experience

What is the Graduation Pledge Alliance?
The Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility states: "I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work."

Through the GPA, individual students can define for themselves what it means to be socially and environmentally responsible. Graduates who voluntarily signed the pledge have turned down jobs that they felt did not work for their vision of a positive social and environmental outcome. There are also graduates who worked to rectify these concerns once employed. Signatories have promoted recycling at their organization, removed racist language from a training manual, worked for gender parity in high school athletics and helped to convince an employer to refuse a chemical weapons-related contract.* (*

GPA History at Muhlenberg College
The Graduation Pledge Alliance program was proposed at Muhlenberg College during the 2007-2008 academic year by student leaders and members of the Student Council Academics Committee.

  • Gregory Rose '08, Committee Chair
  • Ryan Campbell '08, Representative
  • Patrick Fligge '10, Representative
  • Genna Goldner '11, Representative
  • William LaPlant '11, Representative
  • Angela Lucci '10, Representative
  • Jenna Piccininni '10, Standing Member
  • Adrian Shanker '09, Standing Member and Former Representative

Members of the Student Council Academics Committee met with individuals and departments on campus to discuss the initiative. Examples of departments that voiced suport for the campus initiative are: Dean of the College for Academic Life, The Senior Year Experience, Sustainability Coordinator, Career Center, Alumni Relations, Student Activities, Community Service and Civic Engagement, Psychology Department and EnAcT.

Current Muhlenberg College Initiative
While the Graduation Pledge Alliance is no longer organized or funded through Student Government, the College has had a tremendous positive response from seniors in the first two classes to host a pledge drive. The Class of 2009 was the first Muhlenberg College class to host a pledge drive and 280 seniors voluntarily made the pledge. The Class of 2010 showed similar commitment to the initiative with 282 signatories.

Seniors are invited to visit the Senior Year Experience office anytime during the senior year to sign the Graduation Pledge and receive their pledge card. The official pledge drive occurs at the Senior Fair, held in April each year. Seniors and underclassmen are invited to contact either of the two campus advisors to get more involved in a campus education and awareness campaign or participate in the campus pledge drive.

Julie Ambrose, Director, The Senior Year Experience (
Kalyna Procyk, Sustainability Coordinator (

Future Plans
Muhlenberg College would like to hear about alumni efforts to maintain the pledge after graduation. Please email with details about how the pledge impacts your decisions and experiences. We also welcome ideas from alumni as to how we might help current students benefit from alumni experiences.