Five Grads in the Big Four

The Senior Year Experience

Congratulations to Daniel Aitkens, Thomas Sylvester, Sami Unger, Nicole Montambault, and Rebecca Pinkus for being offered employment at Deloitte & Touche, one of the major accounting and consulting firms in the United States!

Learn more about some of the seniors:
Daniel Aitkens - Tax Consultant, Parsippany, NJ
Nicole Montambault - Audit Group Assistant, Stamford, CT
Thomas Sylvester - Audit Assistant, Boston, MA

The Job Search Process: Daniel Aitkens

When asked about his future plans, Dan Aitkens responded with such modesty. Aitkens is a senior at Muhlenberg College, who through extremely hard work and determination secured a job at Deloitte as a tax consultant. Aitkens is extremely excited about his future at Deloitte. Aitkens thanks Muhlenberg College and his professors.

Aitkens is an accounting and finance major. He has nothing but respect and appreciation towards the Muhlenberg College accounting program. The accounting courses provide skills necessary to succeed in the professional world. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential throughout the accounting program. Aitkens says how much of a role the professors of the accounting program have played in his successes. The three main professors he noted are Paula Irwin, Dr. Trevor Knox, and Jamie Doran. Right off the bat these professors prepare their students for job preparation. Aitkens says how he was prepared for the job searching process because resumes, cover letters, and interviews were all a part of graded assignments for his classes with Irwin. "The professors definitely prepare their students well. Paula Irwin acts like a mediator; guiding you in the direction you want to be," said Aitkens. "Advisors understand the wants and needs of their students. They know everything; it is very beneficial."

Exposure is key. Aitkens took advantage of all the opportunities thrown his way. For instance, Deloitte came to Muhlenberg College during his junior year, and Aitkens participated in a mock interview. Aitkens participated in these events to just get a foot in the door. Later, Aitkens secured an internship for Deloitte in Parsippany, New Jersey. His internship was a great and rewarding experience. He states that his presence was vital. By attending the different events held on campus, he became known to the professionals and started to network with them. Through his determined mindset and academic hard work, he was noticed by Deloitte.

Aitkens also offers many thanks towards the Muhlenberg College Career Center. Aitkens says how the Career Center helped him build a strong resume and provided many opportunities with different employers. "The Career Center is a great and valuable resource," said Aitkens. "The Career Center does everything they can to help you and link you as a student." He advises students to partake in campus-wide events when employers come. When different employers come to campus there is access to the professionals and this provides great networking for students. Students are able to meet with employers and stay in contact with them for future endeavors.

This summer will consist of studying for the CPA for Aitkens. He will be working in Parsippany, New Jersey starting next fall. He is looking forward to starting a new chapter in his life, and he is very grateful for all of his professors who have helped achieve this.

Career Choice Progression: Nicole Montambault

What are your plans after graduation? That is the dreaded question most of us face as May approaches. Well, that is one question Nicole Montambault is not worried about answering. Montambault is a senior at Muhlenberg College, who unlike many of her fellow students, knows exactly what she is going to be doing once she graduates this coming May. She is going to be working for Deloitte & Touche, a major accounting and consulting firm, in Stamford, Connecticut. There are only four big accounting firms in the United States, according to Montambault: Deloitte & Touche, KPMG, PricewatehouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young. One can either work in taxes, auditing, or consulting. Montanbault has chosen to work in auditing.

Montambault, who always had an affinity for numbers, came into Muhlenberg College as a math major. After she shadowed someone in actuary during the winter of her sophomore year, she realized she did not want to pursue it for a career, and she picked up the accounting major in addition to her math major. "If the professors here were not as good, I would not have chosen accounting," said Montambault. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as a Bachelor of Science degree. Montambault has worked extremely hard these past four years at Muhlenberg College, taking nine more classes than needed to graduate, so she has a total of 43 credits overall. In addition to her rigorous course work, she also is the President of the Knit Wits, a head tutor, and a member of the math club. After she went to a KPMG panel held on campus, she became interested in pursuing a career in a big firm. She wanted to stay relatively close to her hometown in Connecticut so she investigated opportunities with Deloitte in Stamford.

Montambault was attracted to Deloitte, and she interviewed and participated in the mentorship program, where she stayed over for four nights in Stamford. Later, she interviewed at Muhlenberg College with other Deloitte representatives for a full-time job.

Another reason that Montambault preferred Deloitte to the rest of the big firms was the possibility of an international experience, where you are given an opportunity to work a certain amount of time in a different country at one of their branches. Montambault liked this attribute because with all of the classes she has taken, she was unable to take part in the study abroad program.

Once accepted to the mentorship program in August, Nikki was offered full-time employment after graduation, so she has had some relief now for her final year of college. Montambault will start working at Deloitte next fall. She plans to spend her summer backpacking through Europe and spending time with family. She will then move to Stamford with another 'Berg student. If she could offer any advice, she says, "Go to events held at Muhlenberg by both the large as well as the small firms! They are so important to go to. Also, start applying for internships as soon as possible!"

Importance of Extracurricular Involvement: Thomas Sylvester

Thomas Sylvester, a senior at Muhlenberg College, knows what it takes to work at Deloitte. Sylvester is an accounting and finance major, who like his fellow classmates appreciates everything the accounting program has offered. Sylvester is also appreciative of all the times Deloitte has visited Muhlenberg College providing opportunities for students like himself.

The accounting program has prepared him well. He was prepared for his interviews for both the National Leadership Conference as well interviewing for an internship at Deloitte. He interned at Deloitte in Parsippany, New Jersey with Daniel Aitkens and Rebecca Pinkus this past summer. He is from Massachusetts, so he was fortunate to live with Aitkens for some of the summer while interning.

Sylvester has taken a heavy load of classes like most students who are in accounting. He has taken numerous semesters of five classes. He still manages to have time to be a learning assistant for Professor Jamie Duran and Dr. Trevor Knox's accounting classes, a teaching assistant, conducting workshops, and facilitating office hours for his professors. In addition, he also volunteered at V.I.T.A.,Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, where he did income tax returns for free. He is a driven individual, who works extremely hard. His hard work has paid off with his recent employment at Deloitte. He will be working at Deloitte as an audit assistant. He values the big firm atmosphere that Deloite offers because it is a great opportunity and will provide the necessary skills to succeed in the future.

Sylvester has had some relief for some time now concerning finding a job. Sylvester is one of the luckier ones because he was offered a job the spring of his junior year. If you take his advice you may be lucky enough to secure a job as early as he did. "Start early, go to the Career Center, go on the Career Connections website, get out there, and do as many activities that you can in order to stand out," said Sylvester. " However, just enjoy everything and the people you are around." Sylvester is a diligent worker, but he also appreciates life and is enjoying his last semester at Muhlenberg College.

Sylvester will be taking the CPA exam this summer like his fellow classmates, and then he will start his career at Deloitte. He excitedly anticipates his time to officially start working at Deloitte, and he is honored to be working at such a renowned accounting and consulting firm.

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