Reality MC 2010

Emily Gargula

Emily Gargula '04
Manager, Advertising Analytics l ESPN

"While the mix and mingle event with alumni was only one part of the Reality MC program, all of the students that I spoke to during that session were really excited and enthusiastic about the event overall. With a select group of students involved, this is a rare opportunity to get to learn so much from such a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Being part of the Reality MC program is one of those things that make you thankful for your small college experience and having that individual attention when it really matters most.

As a 2004 graduate, I really enjoyed being part of the Reality MC program. Besides the obvious thrills of revisiting the old stomping grounds, it was great to see the students who were excited and soaking in all of the knowledge that I had to give. From navigating the subway and finding the best NY slice, to offering career tips and business cards, I felt like I was actually able to offer some helpful advice. The students were highly engaged and it was a great experience overall."

Brian Fishbone Brian Fishbone '98
Global Educator and Community Builder
Language Instructor, Pagoda Academy - Seoul, Korea

"I have participated in many effective career development events for Muhlenberg students over the years, but I was particularly impressed with last year's Reality MC networking event for seniors because it simulated networking as it is actually done in the business world. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the students work the room - moving seamlessly from one alum to the next and sharing their career goals with confidence and ease. A few students even followed up after the event to thank me and ask for additional assistance. If I had not moved to Korea this fall, I would most certainly attend the event again. Bravo to Julie and the Senior Year Experience Team for providing such a valuable and compelling networking experience for seniors!"

Caroline Shadood Caroline Shadood '09
Freelance Writer, Music Public Relations Professional
Features Writer, Recorder Newspapers
Contributor/Writer, PopMatters

"I can't even begin to describe how WORTH IT attending Reality MC was for me. Not only did I get to conquer the big stuff like insurance and apartment hunting, but I got to vamp up my networking skills with helpful students, alum, and staff. I learned how to handle being out of my comfort zone while, ironically, lounging around Seegers with a slew of my peers. It was really refreshing to learn about eachothers' goals while sharing apprehensions about the post-Muhlenberg future. My biggest fear? Business casual. In all seriousness, Christmas break is way too long, and I was happy to spend the last three days of it learning about how to be a 'real person.' I am quickly becoming one, and you will too - just attend Reality MC and the transition will have less shock value."