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Donors to The Marino Scholarship
(For a list of donors who made gifts in memory of Frank Marino,
please see below.)

Muhlenberg College and the Marino family gratefully acknowlege the following alumni and friends who have made gifts or confirmed commitments to The Marino Scholarship:

Total Raised for The Marino Scholarship: $134,490.00

Arthur A. '53, P'84, GP'13 and Phoebe J. Altman P'84, GP'13
Linda Andrews and James Dugan
Kirsten S. Weber Bellucci and Chris Bellucci
Thomas R. Bennington '74, P'06, P'09
Eric L. Berg '78 and Claudia Bowman Berg
John G. '81  and Deborah Bilinski 
Brian E. Bodine '81 and Jennifer M. Carmona
Tammy L. Bormann '83 and Mark J. Paris '80
Ozzie R. Breiner '83
Rebekkah L. Brown '99
Michael and Jane Bruckner
Richard F. Brueckner '71, P'04, P'10 and
    Laurie Cameron Brueckner '72, P'04, P'10
Eric L. '76 and Dana Butler
Robert A. Buzzard '62 and Carolyn A. Meder Buzzard '61
Stephen G. Carnevale '83, P'14 and
    Mary F. McKee Carnevale '84, P'14
Linda M. Speidel Cenci '75, P'06 and Victor S. Cenci P'06
Monica '03 and Tony Cocca
Glenn J. Cocchiola '83 and Jacqueline Fierro Cocchiola '85
Sandy Cole
Sally J. Fosdick Coleman '95
Catherine F. Cottone
Maggie Cummings
Ronald J. Czajkowski '71
Brian A. Debiasse '79
Thomas E. Dixon '72
John J. Dunne '76, P'12
Kent A. P'07, P'10 and Florence Dyer P'07, P'10
Steven M. Eisenhauer '77 and Susan C. Ettelman Eisenhauer '77
David Engvall and Maria Petaros
Mike Falk
Rudolph A. Favocci, Jr. '79, P'12 and Sherin Favocci P'12
Joseph J. Federico '58
Patrick R. Fligge '10
Julie B. Fogt '93
George D. P'95, P'98 and Susan E. Fosdick P'95, P'98
Evelyn W. Foster
Gerald A. '80, P'11 and Carol Galgano P'11
Paul J. Galgano '88 and Courtney Lisecki-Galgano '88
Charles J. P'00, P'05 and MaryAnn E. Genna P'00, P'05
Cristina M. Genna '00
Marion E. Glick '82
Corey Goff
Mitchell R. '79 and Abby Goldblatt
Elaine M. Gratrix '91
Karen R. Green
David E. and Jane Griffiths
Richard R. Haines '75
Joyce A. P'91, P'00, P'05 and Raymond Hittinger P'91, P'00, P'05
Carolyn Ikeda '76 and Edward Linhart
Monica and Steven Inzer
LeRoy G. Jackopin '53
Mark W. Jones
Joseph P. Kelleher '79
Donna Kish-Goodling and Jeffrey Goodling
Jeffrey D. Koehler '79
Wolfgang W. '57 and Miriam Koenig
Jon W. Light '74, P'06 and Laurel Vancitters Light '74, P'06
Dean R. Lowe '64 and Sharon M. Brewer Lowe '65
Carroll Marino
Blake C. Marles '74, P'02 and Marilyn L. Macknik Marles '75, P'02
Lisa M. Genna Matt '05
John B. McCusker '78
John F. '80 and Ann McKeon
Jennifer R. McLarin '86
Susanne Hobbis Meixsell '91
Tilghman H. Moyer IV and Kimberly H. Moyer
Anthony and Sara Muir
Marla and Vincent O'Connor
Carol J. Ekizian Papazian '79
Ryan J. Peer '05
Erford E. Porter III '84 and Leslie A. Porter '84
Mitchell G. Possinger '77, P'11 and Jami Lloyd Possinger '79, P'11
Ellen G. '89, P'07 and Gregory R. Pothering P'07
Clinton H. Refsnyder, Jr. '73 and Jane E. Byrnes Refsnyder '72
Richard P. '79 and Theresa Romeo
Kenneth G. Ryder '79
Michele Benfer Sabler
Arthur A. Scavone '81 and Anne R. Hoyt
John F. Schlechter, Jr. '79 and Kerry K. Schlechter
Brian J. Schulte '80
James B. '80 and Bernadette S. Schwartz
Jenny L. Sherwood '95
James A. Skidmore, Jr. '54 and Peggy Young Skidmore
Donald J. Sommerville '80 and Diane Miller Sommerville '81
Ira E. Spitzer '71
Walter O. Staehle '76, P'04 and Loran Duemmel Staehle '75, P'04
Sam Stovall '77
Beth Strohl
Mark W. Stull '78 and Carla G. Lightkep Stull '79
John F. '80 and Carol Sules  
Kenn B. Tacchino '79
Margery F. Taverna
Michele P. Borg Tonner '96
Joan C. Triano '81
Paul L. '71 and Sally Vikner
Scott J. Waldman '81
Nancy Weikert and John W. Tibbetts
Harold S. '52 and Mary Ann Weiss
Pamela and Andrew J. Weiss
Jeff S. Zeigler '89 and Elizabeth A. Stuart Zeigler '91
Kurt D. Zwikl

Gifts in Memory of Frank Marino

Ronald M. and Sandra Alleman
Karen S. Angello
Marsha R. Baar
Edwin R. Baldrige, Jr. and Georgia Baldrige
James V. and Margaret Battin
James and Joan K. Beauchamp
Samuel T. '63 and Constance A. Beidleman
Bonnie Belknap
Joseph A. and Beth Bellanca
Roy and Sabrina Boyd
Michael and Jane Bruckner
Robert A. Buzzard '62 and Carolyn A. Meder Buzzard '61
Ruth D. Campopiano
Ronald J. Czajkowski '71
Edward M. Davis, Jr. '60 and Anne L. Davis
Stephanie A. de Lorimier Rowan '11
Robert E. Dikon '51
Gary W. Dorshimer '77 and Deborah J. Budich Dorshimer '75
Laura Edelman
Lona M. Farr '62, P'94 and David V. Voellinger
Jane D. Flood
George D. P'95, P'98 and Susan E. Fosdick P'95, P'98
George W. Gibbs '54
Arlene Gisolfi P'85, P'89
Karen A. Gratrix '91
Joyce A. P'91, P'00, P'05 and Raymond Hittinger P'91, P'00, P'05
Mary Daye Hohman '71
James A. and Joan C. Hoover
Paul M. Hurd, Jr. '86
George K. and Janet Ikeda
Verna M. Jani
Roger L. and Sue Klossner
Kenneth G. Knapp, Jr. and Roselyn Knapp
Mark J. and Sandra Kopera
John E. and Elizabeth Lanz
John and Joelle McEvoy
Edwin H. and Grace McKinlay
Clair D. Miller '59 and Anne Pool Miller
James B. and Linda Moore
Damian R. and Lauren Morabito
Anthony and Sara Muir
Amy Murphy
Thomas D. '75 and Jeanann Oleksa
Maryruth P'02, P'06 and Theodore M. Olshefski P'02, P'06
Carl S. '58 and Marilee Ann Oplinger
Mary Parkinson P'90
Lori P'02 and George Provost P'02
Steven L. and Barbara Regen
Lisa Resch
Stephanie Robinson
Donald C. and Marie Rood
Glenn M. Roth '69
Kenneth G. Ryder '79
Thomas J. Schleicher
David M. and Jane Seamans
Lauren M. Greber Shanahan '87
Glenn M. and Rebecca Short
Michael and Anita Siegal
Zachary Siegal
Alton J. Slane
Thomas B. Smyers, Jr. '76 and Olga M. Calamidas Smyers '75
James I. Tarman Jr. and Elizabeth J. Vastine
Joanne E. Vaughan P'80, P'86, P'89
Philip B. Wavrek '70
Carl P. Weber '67, P'94
Richard E. and Mary T. Weiss
Donald E. and Megan F. Wieand
John E. and Mary Williams
Daniel J. Wilson and Carol Shiner Wilson

For information on The Frank (“Coach and Mrs. Coach”) Marino Scholarship, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 484-664-3247.  To make a gift to The Marino Scholarship, please click here or visit our online giving page. When prompted, fill in your contact and billing information. In the gift designation drop down menu on the second page, select "Other" and type in "Marino Scholarship."

Please note: if you make an online gift via our online giving page and do not want your name listed on the donor web page, please send an email request to Stacey Prohaska at and your gift will remain anonymous.