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Thanks to all alumni who Showed your ’Berg pride by making a gift to The Muhlenberg Fund before June 30, 2012!  Winning classes in the Reunion/Homecoming 2012 Challenge (listed below) who increased their participation by the most percentage points over last year will be celebrated during Reunion/Homecoming 2012 (September 21-23: Save the Date!).  Congratulations to all our winners!

(Click on the categories below to track the progress of your class):

A Reunion Class:  Eight out of 10 Reunion Classes increased their class participation.  The Class of 1962 and the Class of 1987 won the challenge in the Reunion Class category by increasing their participation rate by 11% each.

A Heritage Class:  Four Heritage Classes (graduates of 50 years or more) increased their participation.  The Class of 1954 won in the Heritage category by increasing their participation by 3%.

A Non-Reunion Class: Nine Non-Reunion Classes increased their participation this year.  The Class of 1974 won the challenge in the Non-Reunion category by increasing their participation by 3%.



    Make an Online Gift Now, or

    Call 1-800-859-2243, or

    Mail your check, payable to Muhlenberg College, to
    The Muhlenberg Fund
    2400 Chew St.
    Allentown, PA 18104.


See how your gift made an impact in Fund Year 2010-2011:
Muhlenberg Fund Investor Report

When Should I Make My Annual Gift?
The fiscal year for Muhlenberg College runs July 1 through June 30.  All gifts in a given year must be received by June 30.

How Will My Gift Make a Difference?
Some people think that unless they can participate at a "major" gift level, it is not worth contributing to The Muhlenberg Fund.  This is a common misperception.  Regardless of size, all gifts to The Muhlenberg Fund make a difference.  Each year, we rely on the ongoing support of all alumni, parents and friends at all giving levels. 

How Will My Participation Make a Difference?
When Muhlenberg is considered for grants from corporations and foundations, one of the first questions asked is, "How many of your alumni give back?"  These organizations are interested in parent and employee participation as well.  Increasing our alumni, parent and employee participation rates will provide even more resources for our students and strengthen the College's capacity to respond to student and faculty needs rapidly and effectively.