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The Final Results!

The Duel of the Decades is over and
the 1990s have been declared the winners!

Jack '70, P'01 and Diane Ladley '70, P'01 have
generously contributed $10,000 on behalf of
alumni from the 1990s to The Muhlenberg Fund.

1990s participation rate   2000s participation rate

Thank you to all who participated in this Challenge!
Click here for a final list of donors.

Everyone who participated in the Duel of the Decades will be 
listed in the 2012-2013 Philanthropy Report and receive an exclusive tote upon registration for Reunion/Homecoming Weekend 2013 (September 20-22).  The 1990s will be invited to a private            celebratory event during Reunion/Homecoming Weekend.

The final results are as follows:

  • bullet  Overall, the 1990s increased their participation from 12% in Fund Year 2011-2012 to 13.3% in Fund Year 2012-2013, and the 2000s increased their participation from 9% to 10.1%.  It may not sound like much, but each percentage point equals many donors.

  • bullet  The Classes of 1993 and 2008 met an additional individual class challenge by increasing their class participation by more than five percentage points: 1993 went from 11% participation in Fund Year 2011-2012 to 20% participation in 2012-2013 (a 82% increase); 2008 went from 9% to 14% (a 56% increase).  Both classes earned an additional $1,000 contribution to The Muhlenberg Fund from the Ladleys on behalf of their class. 

  • bullet  The Duel of the Decades attracted 91 donors who had never made a gift to the College before! 

    bullet  Altogether, seven classes in the 1990s and five classes in the 2000s increased their participation over last year during the Duel of the Decades – a great accomplishment!

bullet  The 2000s did sweep the Day of the Duel on May 20, 2013, beating the 1990s with 65 donors on that day compared to 40.
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Special thanks to:

bullet  Jack ’70, P’01 and Diane Ladley ’70, P’01 for their generosity and enthusiastic support of the Duel of the Decades;

  • bullet  The Duel of the Decades Committee: Christopher Parkes ’91, Bret Kobler ’94 and Courtenay Cooper Hall ’97 from the 1990s and Christopher Lee ’01, Adam Marles ’02, Robyn Duda ’04, Elizabeth R. Hamilton Marrero ’06 and Alysea McDonald ’10 from the 2000s;

  • bullet  The many donors like Brittany Barton ’09 who wrote in about why they give back to Muhlenberg (Read more...); and

  • bullet  All alumni classmates from the 1990s and 2000s who gave back to Muhlenberg for Duel of the Decades!