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IJCU and Pamela Moschini Recognized by Allentown Human Relations Commission

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – (November 1, 2012) –The Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding (IJCU) and Pamela Moschini, director of the office of disability services are recipients of the 2012 Human Relations Awards, given by the Human Relations Commission of the City of Allentown.  They were honored in a celebration on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

The IJCU has, for more than two decades, promoted inner-faith dialogue and built bridges between faith communities throughout the Lehigh Valley.  Under the direction of Peter Pettit, the Institute presents an annual “Youth and Prejudice” conference that engages more than 400 middle and high school students in a program to reduce hatred by learning the lessons of the Holocaust.  Other programs include “Day of Dialogue,” The Wallenberg Tribute and several “First Friday” educational programs.

Since Moschini’s arrival on campus in 2006, she has expanded services to students.  The College enrolled its second blind student last year, after having developed a program of accommodations for all students with disabilities.  She also works with several students who are in wheelchairs, others who are hearing impaired, and students who learn differently and need accommodations in the classroom or for test taking.  Moschini works tirelessly on behalf of her students.

The Allentown Human Relations Commission is a result of an anti-discrimination ordinance that sets out to promote mutual understanding and to prohibit discrimination from the 1960s. The Human Relations award honors those who maintain the same civil rights values in their communities. Other recipients of this year’s Human Relations Award are Peter Lewnes, William Sanders, Dr. Masayuki Kazahaya, The Rev. Gregory Edwards, and The Martin Luther & Coretta Scott King Memorial Project of the Lehigh Valley.

Since 2003, Muhlenberg College has had six honorees recognized by the Human Relations Commission, including:  the office of community engagement, Dr. Erika Sutherland (Spanish), WMUH 91.7 FM and Cynthia Amaya Santiago (Admissions).

Founded in 1848, Muhlenberg College is a highly selective, private liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  The Muhlenberg experience is characterized by a deep sense of community and connection, intense student-faculty relationships and collaboration; small classes; passionate teaching and active learning; and powerful outcomes in terms of graduate school and entry-level career placement.