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Economist Branko Milanović Gives Talk
for ‘Berg’s Center for Ethics

AALLENTOWN, Pa – (February 19, 2013) – Dr. Branko Milanović, lead economist at The World Bank’s Development Research Group and visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University, will give a talk, “Twenty Years of Globalization: National and Global Inequalities, 1989-2008,”  on Tuesday, February 26, at 7:30 p.m. in the Empie Theatre,Hale Center for the Arts.  This event, part of the Center for Ethics series Market\Values, is free and open to the public.

Milanović received his Ph.D. in economics from Belgrade University in 1987.  He has served as a World Bank country economist for Poland, a research fellow at the Institute of Economic Sciences in Belgrade and a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University’s School for Advanced International Studies. Milanović is the author of The Haves and the Have-Nots: A Brief and Idiosyncratic History of Global Inequality, which explores the economic implications of wealth distribution. 

Market Values is co-directed by Sue Curry Jansen, professor of media and communications, Mohsin Hashim, associate professor of political science, and Marcia Morgan, assistant professor of philosophy.  This year-long program examines historical and contemporary questions about markets and accompanying moral issues they raise. The goal of the Center for Ethics’ programming is to engage the community in intensive and reflective thinking about individual and collective values.

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