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  1. College Earns Strong Ratings for Academic Experiences and Supportive Campus Environment on the 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement

  2. Muhlenberg College received excellent scores for "Supportive Campus Environment" in the 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).  97% of first year students reported a favorable image of the institution, while 87% of seniors would have chosen to attend Muhlenberg again if they could start their career over.

  3. Compared to benchmark schools in the national liberal arts category, Muhlenberg also fared extremely well for the following measures:

    * students reported positive relationships with faculty members

    * the College provided the support necessary for students to succeed academically

    * the institution provided substantial support for first year students' social needs and nonacademic responsibilities

    According to Dr. Kathleen Harring, Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean for Institutional Assessment, “Our 2011 NSSE results show that the Muhlenberg experience is one where students are actively engaged in their education within a close and supportive community.”

  4. The College scored better than the average for peer institutions for the following academic experiences:

    *first year students were more likely to ask questions or contribute to class discussions

  5. *first year student coursework emphasized analysis, synthesis, and application

    * seniors collaborated with classmates outside of class to prepare assignments

    * seniors reported working as a peer tutor

    The NSSE report, Fostering Student Engagement Campuswide—Annual Results 2011, emphasizes the importance of academic and co-curricular programs in fostering student engagement across the institution. “The central message is that providing opportunities, activities and environments supportive of learning and student success is a concern that should permeate the campus” said Alexander C. McCormick, NSSE director and associate professor of education at Indiana University.

    A total of 322 first year students and 318 seniors at Muhlenberg participated in the survey.  The national survey, now in its 12th year, is based on information from nearly 416,000 students at 673 four-year institutions.  The key areas measured are 1) level of academic challenge, 2) active and collaborative learning, 3) student-faculty interaction, 4) enriching educational experiences and 5) supportive campus environment.  Overall, the College exceeded the national averages in all five categories for both first year students and seniors.