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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 2002
Writer, Associate Producer / MTV
typical day: Working at MTV is fun and different. It is a very relaxed environment and nearly all of the people in my building are under 35 and wear jeans. I get in at 10 and look for music and entertainment news stories. Based on what I find, I pull audio bites then write stories around them. Meanwhile, I am assigning the interns work, editing the short captions that they write and keeping an eye out for more stories. I might conduct an interview with a band or a celebrity or cover a press junket. All of this is used in part of a subscription service called MTV Radio Network, in which a document gets sent out to radio stations across the nation so that they have all of the day's entertainment news at their fingertips when they arrive at work. I send out everything and upload all the audio to Internet and, if all goes well and editing is done quickly, I leave shortly after 6.

exciting news: I would say the most exciting moment in my recent past was when I appeared on Studio 7, a game/reality show produced by Michael Davies of "Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire" fame. There, I had the opportunity to win up to $856,000 based on my knowledge of popular culture and current events. The show aired on the WB in the summer of 2005 and while I did not win any money, I did get a free haircut, which is priceless. Or at least that is what I tell myself when I need consolation.

insights: Stay strong and keep fighting until you are happy. I have been out of school for nearly four years now and I am already in my fourth job. It took a good six months after I graduated before I even found a decent position. It was tough and depressing, but every day I was looking and pushing to get something great. This was pretty frustrating since I spent every summer I was in college at a different internship location. I felt I was on the right path but the job market was nearly non-existent for those wanting to pursue a career in Communications in New York City. I got hired at The Late Show though, and worked for a year before my contract ran out. With no openings there, I acquired a position at Inside Edition. I felt that job wasn't very challenging and made the difficult decision to leave it. The IE position jaded me and I spent a year away from the media in the exciting yet tough Manhattan real estate industry. While that was a great experience, it is all commission based and I needed more security. Fortunately, I found out about my current position and it's been great.