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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 2003
AA / Communications - SEPP Inc.
typical day: Send out notices for various Committee Meetings
Prepare for monthly Committee Meetings
Compile, write and edit articles for monthly newsletters
Working on new SEPP Inc website
Create advertisements
Write press releases
Check/print e-mails, open/stamp/distribute mail, pick up voicemail messages, type memos, type letters, send/receive faxes, ship FedEx packages, place Staples Office supply orders, type incident reports regarding smoke alarms, type in tenant info, and print out Criminal Background Reports for Building Managers, keep up to date with Action Items Report

exciting news: My fiance Mike and I got engaged on November 28, 2004, and our wedding will be held on June 17, 2006!

insights: This is my first "real" job out of college. I was a temp for a little while until SEPP hired me on full time in April 2004, and although it is not a huge career move for me, I do enjoy working for a human service organization, and will definitely carry important knowledge, skills and experience with me wherever I go from here.

The advice I would give to those who are nearing graduation is to find a job that first and foremost, makes you happy. If you like your position, responsibilties, and the people you work with, then everything else will fall into place. Best of luck to all of you!!