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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 2005
Production Assistant, FOX News Channel
typical day: A typical day on the job? There really is no typical day, which keeps it exciting. The general premise though, of what I do day-to-day, is decide what tape to cut, how to have the editors cut it (which shots, length, etc.), enter things into and adjust the rundown of my shows, and assist the execution of my shows in the Control Room.

exciting news: I actually got a job!!! Seriously, since graduation, the best thing that I can say that has happened is that I got a great job that I can honestly say I enjoy and look forward to going to everyday.

insights: Don't take "no" for an answer. If you want something badly enough, keep fighting for it, and eventually, you'll find the right place and the right place will find you.