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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 1995
Group Lead / Dendrite Int.
typical day: There are too may details to provide about a typical Day and my job varies greatly so the best thing I can do is explain a little about the company. The company develops software for Pharmaceutical Companies and there are many different facets involved. Originally I started as a QA Analyst, which means I got to test the system per the Client's requirements. Now I am in the Certification Department. Since the FDA has a lot of guidelines and rules for the Pharma industry, I need to make sure our own processes are being followed. Overall, a part of my job is to assess the project deliverables (before the Client gets them) to make sure we are doing what we said we are going to do.

There are a few Muhlenberg Alumn that work here too!

exciting news: Since I have graduated, I have done a lot of traveling with my current job. I am able to travel to places that I never dreamed of visiting and it has really enlightened me to see how other cultures live.

insights: Two of my nieces are starting to look at colleges and they are stressing about tests. I tell them that although studying and tests are important to get into a school, they don't define who we are. It is extremely important to observe what is going on in life and focus on something that we enjoy. Education gives people a strong background but the knowledge does not stop at books. Enjoy the expressions of theater, volunteer at a local charitable organization, have life adventures, and travel.

'Communication' gave me a great stepping stone in a career. Although I didn't go into the TV Industry, it offered me a wide background into various mediums. It helped me with presentations, what to look for when images/people are trying sell you something, and how to 'communicate' to your intended audience, etc.