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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 2008
Residence Life Coordinator/Cultural Care Au Pair
typical day: My job is 100% ATYPICAL! The Au Pairs are students (mostly young women), between the ages of 18 and 28, who come to the United States for a year or two year period where they will live with a host family and look after the children in said family. They come from all over the world and before they go to the host family (which could be anywhere in the country), they come to the Training School for a week of crash courses on American life and child care. The Au Pairs will arrive any time between a Sunday night and a Tuesday morning (when the classes begin). There is always a staff member on call to welcome the very sleepy Au Pairs to the school. Particularly, being on call on a Sunday night means staying awake from the first arrival until the last arrival Monday morning before the next person takes over at 8am. Sometimes the last arrival is at 3am, other times I or whoever is on call may have to stay awake through the night! Other job responsibilities include compiling Excel spreadsheets that track each of the Au Pairs on their flight/transportation to the training school at St. John's University in Oakdale, NY as well as their departures from the school Friday morning. I also create the rooming lists each week for each of the three dorms that we fill. I help teach the Au Pairs about their visa paperwork, assess their level of English, and help them on Thursdays when we take them on a tour of The Big Apple (NYC) along with the Assistant Director and Director of the program. Lastly, I serve as one of the primary health providers for the Au Pairs when they get sick since many of them have never been to the United States before.

exciting news: This is the most exciting job I've had, and I can't believe how lucky I am to have gotten a job I really wanted right after graduation!

insights: The real world is a crazy one! The hardest part is not spending the paycheck as soon as I get it because there are so many bills to pay, and I'm not even paying for an apartment since my job gives me an apartment on campus!