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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 1996
Ao / AASIF Consultant Synthes Spine
typical day: Wow, a typical day. I am not sure what that is... every day is so different. I am a techinical consultant in the operating room setting. I work with Orthopedic and neuro Spine surgeons. It is my job to provide instrumentation and techinical know how to place spinal implants for fusion and non fusion products. There are many different proceedures and no 2 patients are the same to everyday is truely different. Everyday is challenging but extremely rewarding when a surgeon thanks you for your time. I love what I do.

exciting news: On May 1, 2004, I was married to Christine Doster. On May 15, 2004, we moved into our newly build house. Even though the builder told us we would be by Oct 2003, he promised we would not move in the day we got married. It was close!! On June 9, 2005, Devin Christopher Lonsberry came into our lives. He is the best!!

insights: Work hard, keep every door open, and do what you love.