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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 1993
VP / JPMorgan Chase
typical day: My current role is VP, Reporting and Planning Manager for Retail Operations Support. I have responsibility for business planning and MIS and performance analysis for the Retail Operations units, in addition to ad-hoc project managment and Senior Managment reporting.

Although no two days are ever the same, the majority of my time is focused on identifying and analyzing metrics to measure business efficiency, effectiveness and risk, to tell a story about how we could run our business better and improve the customer experience.

A lot of what I do involves taking very detailed information and 'communicating' it out to a broad audience to help guide process improvement and technology enhancements.

exciting news: I received my MA in Corporate Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1997 while working full-time as a Project Manager for a Market Resarch supplier. I joined JPMorgan Chase in 2000 and was promoted to VP in 2003.

In June 2001, I married my husband Bill and we had our first child, Brendan William on September 8, 2004.

insights: - Working at a big corporation means a lot of change, very often! Be flexible and a team-player and you will survive!

- Being a working Mom is a lot harder than you can imagine. I have found that my priorities have changed - - my son comes first. This has been an adjustment for both me and my colleagues.