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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 2005
Editorial Assistant / Prentice Hall
typical day: My main job as an editorial assistant is finding reviewers for our various new and revised text books. I work in the Health division so I deal mostly medical professionals. However, massage is also one of the topics that we cover, and those reviewers are always "interesting". I also have to contact authors to resolve problems with their manuscripts and to make sure they're on schedule. In addition, I have to do some menial tasks like photocopying manuscripts and sending out books to professors, sales reps, authors and development editors.

insights: It really can be tough to find a job but if you find something you really want, persistence is the key. Don't give up, you have nothing to lose. When I applied for this job I was emailing or calling every three days and I started to think that I might just be bothering them. Then afterward I found out that one of the reasons they hired me was because they admired my persistence. Seriously, these people get so many resumes sent to them that if you don't follow up, chances are they'll just throw yours aside and forget about it.