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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 2003
Valley Youth House Therapist
typical day: As a therapist for homeless families in Northampton County there is no such thing as a typical day. There is always a new challenge to meet or problem to solve, the variety is great but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. It's a huge responsibility working with such needy families and always working to ensure the safety at the children in the home. Mainly I work with families in Pennsylvania who have found themselves homeless for a variety of reasons (drug abuse, mental health, low income, or simply bad circumstances). My job is to help the family stablize itself by accessing other services in the Valley and providing individual and family counseling.

exciting news: In 2004 I graduated from Lehigh with a masters in Sociology after completing the Community Fellows Program.

insights: Take advantage of every opportunity Muhlenberg has to never know when that knowledge may come in handy in the future.