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Alumni Profiles
Media and Communication at
Muhlenberg College

Class of 2004
Miami Ad School
typical day: A typical day at school is to wake up around 11 AM after being up until 3 AM the night before developing ad concepts. Go to class. Come home and re-develop the ad concepts from the night before after their critical review.

insights: Advertising is not for the weak. It seems cool and glamorous especially to those of you who are double majoring in art and media/communication. Advertising demands long hours and the designer is subject to harsh criticism. You need to think out of the box and break away from conventional ways of advertising such as print and TV. The designer must think about billboards and buildings - How can I make them different? How can I grab the consumers attention, to entertain and to make a lasting impression? It is easy to make a print and TV ad but it is hard to make a great one. This is why Media and Communication is so important. You have to understand your consumer, to go beyond one's material needs.

If you feel you can handle this profession, then by all means pursue it. Go to portfolio school, pick up an issue of Wired magazine, read fast food nation, or simply look at the world around you - such as billboards and buildings, and let the wheels start to spin. In the end, there is nothing more gratifying then having an ad published.