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College Posts Top Scores for "Supportive Campus Environment" in the 2008 National Survey of Student Engagement

Muhlenberg College received excellent scores for "Supportive Campus Environment" in the 2008 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).  94% of first year students reported positive relationships with faculty members, while 89% gave positive ratings to their relationships with other students.

Compared to benchmark schools in the national liberal arts category, Muhlenberg also fared extremely well for the following measures:

* first year students had positive relationships with administration

* the College helped first year students cope with non academic matters

* the institution provided substantial support for students' social needs

According to Dr. Kathy Harring, Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean for Institutional Assessment, “Our NSSE results show that the Muhlenberg experience is one where students are challenged to do their best work within a close and supportive campus community.”
NSSE also surveys seniors.  The College's seniors fared better than the NSSE average and the benchmark competitors for the following items:

* read more than 10 assigned books

* did a community-based project as part of a regular course

* positively rated their relationships with administrative personnel

* said the institution provides substantial support for students' social needs

"At a time when US standards for higher education are being evaluated in a competitive global context, NSSE data provide real insights into the qualities of the campus learning environment," says Molly Corbett Broad, President of the American Council of Higher Education.

A total of 292 first year students and 254 seniors at Muhlenberg participated in the survey.  The national survey, now in its 10th year, is based on information from nearly 380,000 students at 722 four-year institutions.  The key areas measured are 1) level of academic challenge, 2) active and collaborative learning, 3) student-faculty interaction, 4) enriching educational experiences and 5) supportive campus environment.  Overall, the College exceeded the national averages in all five categories for seniors and four of five categories for first year students.

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