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Mule Madness

Mule Madness Bracketology - Week one provides interesting results

Mike Bruckner, Vice President of Public Relations

Upset City, baby. Dipsy doo Dunkaroo. Baylor and Iowa State, a pair of #3 seeds went down in the first round of the NCAA tournament and the wrestling team provided the dramatic upset in Mule Madness.

The Winner's Bracket: The final four teams all put in strong showings this week. Three of the four teams exceed 26 percent giving, while the volleyball team turned in a ridiculous 61.7 percentage. The question here is have the spikers peaked or will they have enough in the tank to ace the semi-finals and finals? The volleyball team knocked off men's basketball, which despite a respectable 25.4 percentage was slam dunked by the volleyball team. Women's basketball edged the golf teams 26.2 to 25.8 percent and field hockey took care of men's tennis 24.0 to 17.6 percent. The real zinger was the wrestling team going to LALA land (as in head coach Sean Lally). The grapplers pulled off the major surprise, taking down the prohibitive favorite, track and field and cross country teams, 27.8 to 23.3 percent.

Consolation Bracket: Softball, women's lacrosse, men's lacrosse and golf moved to the consolation bracket and received a bye in the first round. Men's basketball came back from the volleyball loss and took care of the women's soccer team. The track and field and cross country teams knocked off the football team. Men's tennis had the advantage over the women's tennis team and the baseball team out-pitched the men's soccer team. Football, the perennial gorilla, in Mule Madness, has had a rough 2015 DIII Challenge.

The Sleepers: Remember that the Swami predicted the wrestling team might not go from last to first, but believed it would significantly improve on a 16th place finish last year. The grapplers have proved me correct already. The big sleeper pick was women's basketball would go from 10th to a top three finish and we are almost there. Two for two for the crystal ball.

Upset Alert: While volleyball crushes its opponent in the quarter-finals and posted a huge week of donations, I am not sure it is sustainable. While the wrestling team has been the darling of this year's Mule Madness DIII Challenge, I am not sure they have enough to close out the deal. Women's basketball remains the safe pick of the final four, but I am going to call the upset and go with the field hockey team. You heard it here first.

Overview: Once again, MULE MADNESS campaign has been a MONSTER SUCCESS. We continue to see a number of first-time donors. Alumni are rallying behind their teams. Veteran coaches and the younger coaches are encouraging their alums. Mule Nation is alive and well.

The Real March Madness: Everybody's brackets were busted with the loss of Virginia and Villanova. Swami did pick Wichita State over Kansas and still has 11 of 16 of his Sweet 16 picks alive. I've also got six of my Elite Eight and three of my Final Four, including Wisconsin, Kentucky and Duke. I had Virginia as my fourth team. Now, I have to stick with my original three and add Michigan State. Still would not mind seeing Gonzaga make it to Indianapolis. Feel bad for Nova and Jason Donnelly '00 and happy that Temple is making an NIT run - making the Texas, Indiana and BYU picks looking a little suspect.

Final thought: Stay tuned. Mule Madness Bracketology and March Madness will return next week.

D-III Challenge: And don’t forget, the name of the game in Mule Madness is PARTICIPATION. This year we have a special bonus. Alumnus and Trustee Jerry Galgano ’80, P’11, P’14 is offering The 2015 D-III Challenge to all student athletes and coaches. Call it “Jerry’s Gift” to you and your team. The D-III challenge offers $100 for head coach and $100 for 100% participation among senior athletes for both men’s and women’s sports. In addition there is $750 for first place men’s and women’s team overall participation in Mule Madness and for those real smart kids $750 for first place men’s and women’s teams who have a team GPA of 3.0 or above. See I told you it pays to study! There’s also $500 for the first place men’s and women’s team who have the highest participation among alumni athletes between the class years of 2010 through 2014 and from 2009 and earlier.

And last but not least, $20 for each player who is named to the Centennial Conference Honor Roll. So my advice is study hard and get in the game and give to Muhlenberg athletics during Mule Madness.

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