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Online Placement Exams System Requirements

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    In order for all features of the online exams and questionnaires to function properly
    For the Math Exam,
  • You must use any Mozilla 5.0+ browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and,
  • you must accept cookies from this site ( and, and
  • scripting must be turned on for this exam site

    For the Foreign Language Exam,
  • You must meet all requirements specified for the Math Exam as listed above, and
  • you must have Flash Player version 7 or higher installed
  • your browser must be configured to run ActiveX controls, or plugins
  • you must have computer speakers for the Listening Comprehension part of the exam

  • Browser Test Results:
  • Unsupported: Internet Explorer, Opera (Mac)
  • Tested/Approved Browsers: Firefox , Safari, Chrome


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