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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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lacrosse teams run for freedom

Muhlenberg lacrosse teams On Saturday, the Muhlenberg men’s and women’s lacrosse teams ran in Ashly’s 5K Race for Freedom at Lehigh Parkway. More than 60 Muhlenberg student-athletes participated in the event in support of a local woman who was killed in Iraq.

Ashly Moyer enlisted in the Army Reserve in 2003 and attended the Military Police School in Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., graduating in March 2004. Her first assignment took her to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where she served as a prison guard. After spending about a year at home, Ashly returned to active duty. She was stationed in Bamberg, Germany, for five months before being sent to Iraq. She was assigned as a driver and was very proud of her vehicle.

She was promoted to sergeant shortly before she died in Baghdad on March 3, 2007, when an IED exploded under the armored patrol vehicle she was driving. Ashly was 21 years old. She is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Section 60, an area devoted to the soldiers of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ashly had a tremendous impact on everyone who knew her. She was a respected soldier and a beloved daughter, sister and friend.

It is that love that inspired “Ashly’s 5K Race for Freedom, A Soldier’s Legacy.” A portion of the proceeds from the race will benefit the “Ashly Moyer Memorial Scholarship Fund,” established at Emmaus High School, her alma mater. The majority of the proceeds will be donated to The Lehigh Valley Blue Star Mothers, a group that supports our troops and veterans. It is the race organizers’ hope that through Ashly’s sacrifice, they will be able to make a difference in the lives of others who are committed to keeping America free.

“It was definitely a special occasion for us,” said senior Nick Fletcher. “As a team it brought us closer together. At the finish line everyone was cheering everyone else on, right down to the last person.

“It was a great way to remind everybody of the sacrfices our soldiers make that you don’t hear about,” he added. “We’re in our own world here at Muhlenberg. We have to be very very very grateful for all that we have.”

Click here for more information on the event.

The Muhlenberg athletes not only contributed to the worthy cause, but they also made an impact on other participants in the race. The mother of a 12-year-old daughter who ran e-mailed the following: “What a nice representation we witnessed from Muhlenberg College. As a parent it was great to see these young men and women coming out to support an extremely worthy cause. They were very respectful and set a great example for younger kids ... It was exactly the type of activity that parents can hope their kids are doing while away at college. Way to go, Muhlenberg!”

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