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Friday, January 6, 2006
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The Muhlenberg men’s basketball team united with Jefferson Elementary School of Allentown as part of the National Association of Basketball
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Stewart is a role model first-graders can really look up to.
Coaches Dream to Read Program on Friday morning. The partnership between the two, which has been ongoing for the better part of a decade, brought tall college students together with short first-graders to teach an important lesson: reading is important.

The Mules entered the five first-grade classes and read various versions of Curious George, entertained questions about reading and autographed pictures of Curious George that the students drew.

“We wanted to share the importance of reading,” said freshman Chris MacIntosh. “We told them how it’s involved in everything they do from reading a menu at a restaurant to getting directions if you are lost. I remember learning to read when I was in the first grade.”

The Dream to Read Program, founded to assist the literacy movement in America, strives to motivate and encourage children to read for enjoyment as a lifelong practice. The program allows collegiate basketball players to serve as needed role models to the youth of their community.

“It’s nice to see Muhlenberg come in,” said Raffaele LaForgia, principal of Jefferson Elementary. “It’s exciting for the students to bring in basketball players that are also college students and great role models for these children.”

Joseph Gogel Chris Huber and Joseph Gogel monkey around as they read Curious George to curious children. Jimmy O'Brien Jimmy O’Brien answers a question from one of his newest fans.

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