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Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Super Bowl XLIII: According to the Mules

The Super Bowl is no longer just a game — it’s an entire festivity. People around the country are prepping for this Sunday, buying chips, wings, pizza and new television sets. Whether we watch for the commercials, the halftime show or the actual football game, no one will be missing the party.

And that includes Muhlenberg’s own. Three diehard football fans and Mule athletes spill their thoughts on the big game.

Which NFL team do you root for?
Mike Bernardini, senior, men’s basketball: “Philadelphia Eagles!”
Samantha Hoffman, junior, women’s soccer: “At a school full of Eagles fans, I’d love
Samantha Hoffman
to say I agree, but I actually hate the Eagles. I loved watching them lose! I’m a Giants fan actually. You can’t be anything else in my house.”
Nicki Notarianni, junior, field hockey: “I am a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, which means that I live by the motto that next year is our year to win the Super Bowl.”

Why did your team deserve to go to the Super Bowl?
SH: “Well, we did lose players to injuries and other things (like shooting himself in the leg), but we were the number one seed in the NFC. And not to mention we did beat the Pats last year (ending their season with one GIANT loss). But what’s done is done and time to prep for next year.”
NN: “The fans are the real reason the Eagles should be in the Super Bowl. We sit there week after week and watch them even when they are so bad that they tie Cincinnati. They make us feel like the season is over, then pick up their game to give us a glimmer of hope only to rip it painfully back from us. The team makes us so angry that we complain about them for the next six days, but the next Sunday we are back in the stadium with our jerseys on.”

Which team will you root for on Sunday?
MB: “The Arizona Cardinals. At least one bird can win the Super
Mike Bernardini
SH: “I’ll be rooting for the Cardinals. They’re the underdogs so I think it’d be great to see them win — after not winning anything for 61 years.”
NN: “I’ll be rooting for the Cardinals because nobody really is a Cardinals fan. At the very least it won’t be a repeat of last year when we had to listen to Giants fans brag about winning for months. Cardinals fans don’t really exist so I won’t have to hear about it as much as I will if the Steelers win.”

What makes a great Super Bowl party?
MB: “Wings!”
SH: “Anything that isn’t good for you is probably what you want
Nicki Notarianni
to have at your Super Bowl party.”

What is the best Super Bowl snack?
MB: “Wings!”

When will you use the bathroom: before the game, during halftime, or during a commercial?
NN: “The bathroom is only to be used on commercials during halftime. You can’t go before the game and miss the pregame predictions. You can’t go during the halftime show because it’s the only time of the year that it’s not something stupid like middle-aged men trying to kick field goals and ending up on their butts. And the commercials are one of the best parts of the whole game.”

What are your thoughts on Bruce Springsteen as the halftime performer?
MB: “He’s a good classic choice.”
SH: “I’m from Jersey so it’s almost necessary to like Bruce. I’m pretty excited for the halftime show, I’m sure he’ll be entertaining — even if he’s getting real old.”
NN: “Bruce is a perfect halftime performer for all those middle aged men that love him, like my dad.”

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