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Friday, January 22, 2010

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Winter break is a time for most students to relax and catch up on sleep between the end of final exams and the start of a new semester.

But for 75 Muhlenberg seniors, including several athletes, their final such break ended a little early, as they returned to campus last Friday for a three-day weekend entitled Reality MC.

Yoni Farber
Farber shows off his cooking skills.
At Reality MC, the students took a step back from the college curriculum and instead focused on learning about skills that will be beneficial after their time in college is up.

“At first I was hesitant about giving up any break time,” said Matt Kral of the men’s tennis team. “But after looking at the brochure and seeing how the stuff we would be learning was really practical, I decided it was worth coming to.”

Some of those practical events included seminars on personal finance and taxes, studying networking and then actually putting that information to use at an alumni networking reception at the Allentown Art Museum, and learning the ins and outs of hunting for an apartment.

Matt Kral
Kral has some one-on-one time with keynote speaker Dana D. Band.
There was even a tutorial on the essentials of cooking for novices, hosted by Erin Ferguson ’02, who attended L’Academie de Cuisine and worked at Neal’s Yard Dairy in London.

“Getting to go into the Garden Room kitchen and do some cooking [was my favorite event],” said Kral. “Hands-on activities keep my attention much better than just sitting and watching, so getting to prepare and cook the meal was really effective for me.”

Said Yoni Farber, Kral’s tennis teammate, “The apartment lesson was my favorite because I knew the least about it and I thought it was very informative. The taxes seminar and money management were also helpful.”

The weekend was hosted by the Senior Year Experience, which states its goal as helping increase student confidence during the transition to the world of work, additional formal education and citizenship.

Both Farber and Kral felt that Reality MC did just that.

“I had encountered a lot of the things they spoke about before, but now I feel confident in handling everything as it comes,” said Kral.

“It’s great that Muhlenberg takes the time to prepare you not just for college, but also life after college,” he added. “I think it shows the kind of interest Muhlenberg takes in its students.”

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