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Friday, January 8, 2010

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women’s basketball enjoys “hair”-y trip

Before raising the curtain on the second half of its season with tomorrow’s home game against Johns Hopkins, the Muhlenberg women’s basketball traveled to Broadway to see a production of “Hair” on Tuesday night. The Dean of Students Office assisted with logistical support for the event. Junior Sheila Cook gave the following recap.

After an early morning Tuesday practice, the Muhlenberg women’s basketball team headed home for a quick shower. We reconvened in the gym a few hours later dressed in our Sunday best with our “Hair” done. We boarded the vans Hair marquee and were off to New York, the greatest city in the world. While this was no one’s first trip to the Big Apple, it was the first Broadway play for Alita Zabrecky, Katy Rossino and Kimberly Mui.

The ride in was smooth with no real surprises. We sang along to countless songs on the radio and chatted away. When we finally arrived, we had a mission ... find the nearest bathroom! After a few failed attempts, we found the Port Authority and were finally ready to soak up the city.

Coach Rohn took us to Times Square and showed us the New Year’s Eve Ball. He also reminded us how small a world it really is. While standing on the corner trying to figure out where to grab an early dinner, Coach was tapped on the shoulder. Coach, assuming that it
women's basketball at Times Square
women's basketball on stage
was someone asking for spare change or advertising a nearby comedy show, simply replied, “No, thanks,” remaining focused on the task at hand. His tapper replied, “Hi, Coach Rohn.” Coach turned, surprised to be recognized. The person who tapped him had just taken Fitness and Wellness last semester and had Coach as his Wellness instructor. Even in the “Big City,” we were able to find someone from our small school.

After wandering around and grabbing dinner, we were on our way to Broadway! Well, actually we were on our way to West 45th Street where our theatre was. En route, we met up with the last of our teammates, seniors Katelyn Tolan, Alyssa Scaglione and Katie Ferris, who met us in the city for the show. We were all together and getting extremely excited to see the 2009 Tony Award Winning show Hair.

The idea of going to see a Broadway production had been Coach’s. A few months ago, during practice, Coach offered up this as something we could do as a team over winter break. We were all thrilled and jumped at the opportunity. When Alexandra Chili heard, she immediately suggested Hair. She had seen it recently and said it was great. We took her suggestion, knowing that it had won a Tony Award and had been a Best Show nominee, and all agreed that we would love to go see it.

Just as Chili had promised, the show was fantastic. The actors were great and truly involved the audience in the show. There were several times that the actors would leave the stage to come talk to people in the audience. Because I was sitting on the end, I was lucky enough to have a brief conversation with one of the actors. It really showed how talented they are, being able to stay in character and have these off-the-cuff conversations. At the end of the show, the audience is invited to come up on stage. Naturally, the team jumped at this opportunity. Many of us, including Chili, Kelly McKeon, Alexis Bates, Kaitlyn O’Malley, Alexandra Berlin, Julie Kelly and I, ran from our seats to the stage. It was so much fun!

But, the show did finally end and we had to leave the stage. It had been such an amazingly exciting and fun show. We all had an unbelievable time and are already starting to look into possibly of doing this again next year.

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