1st Period

End of period [45:00].
[41:30] Offside against MUHL.
[40:48] Corner kick by MUHL Carly DeNigris.
[40:40] Header Shot by MUHL Abby Lazofsky, SAVE Lisa Semetti.
Foul on WUWS.
Foul on WUWS.
[35:10] Shot by MUHL Tori Dowd HIGH.
Foul on WUWS.
[34:09] WUWS substitution: Elena Denger for Katie Hughes.
*goalie giveaway, shot to far post
Wilkes 2, Muhlenberg 0
[34:02] GOAL by WUWS Grace Fazzi, goal number 4 for season.
Foul on MUHL.
[31:03] Offside against MUHL.
[30:21] WUWS substitution: Ema Sabovic for Micaela Oliverio.
[28:31] MUHL substitution: Abby Lazofsky for Audrey Zamichow.
[28:27] Shot by WUWS Kathryn Ruszkowski WIDE RIGHT.
[26:56] WUWS substitution: Kathryn Ruszkowski for Kaitlyn Fedor.
[23:42] Header Shot by WUWS Alicia Roberts HIGH.
Foul on MUHL.
[19:59] Shot by MUHL Megan Nehila, SAVE Lisa Semetti.
[18:51] MUHL substitution: Nicole Karsch for Krissy Fioretti.
[17:05] Corner kick by MUHL Carly DeNigris.
[16:23] Shot by MUHL Colleen Touhey, SAVE Lisa Semetti.
[13:50] Shot by WUWS Micaela Oliverio, SAVE Jen Mermelstein.
Foul on MUHL.
Foul on MUHL.
Foul on WUWS.
*from 15 off crossbar and in
Wilkes 1, Muhlenberg 0
[02:42] GOAL by WUWS Katie Hughes (FIRST GOAL), goal number 5 for season.
[02:06] Corner kick by WUWS Alicia Roberts.
[00:00] Jen Mermelstein at goalie for MUHL.
[00:00] Lisa Semetti at goalie for WUWS.