2nd Period

Start of 2nd period [45:00].
[47:36] Shot by SCRWS14 Ellen Walker HIGH.
[48:44] Corner kick by SCRWS14 Ellen Walker.
Foul on SCRWS14.
[52:37] Header Shot by SCRWS14 Christina Akalski, SAVE Rachel Mizrahi.
[53:55] MUHL substitution: Abby Lazofsky for Krissy Fioretti.
Foul on SCRWS14.
[57:43] Offside against MUHL.
[58:31] Shot by MUHL Taylor Pini, SAVE Krissy Welsh.
[58:57] Corner kick by MUHL Carly DeNigris.
[59:12] Shot by MUHL Courtney Simon, SAVE Krissy Welsh.
[59:45] SCRWS14 substitution: Kelsey Bacon for Samantha Wargo.
[59:45] SCRWS14 substitution: Sarah Andrews for Ellen Walker.
[61:27] Offside against MUHL.
[62:07] MUHL substitution: Audrey Zamichow for Jacelin Muschlitz.
[63:38] Shot by SCRWS14 Gianna Vitolo, SAVE Rachel Mizrahi.
[63:56] Corner kick by SCRWS14 Samantha Wargo.
Foul on MUHL.
[64:50] Shot by SCRWS14 Kelly Egan, SAVE Rachel Mizrahi.
[65:26] SCRWS14 substitution: Shannon McKenna for Christina Akalski.
[65:26] SCRWS14 substitution: Katie O'Hanlon for Kelly Egan.
[65:26] SCRWS14 substitution: Michaela Arbus for Samantha Wargo.
[67:08] Shot by MUHL Abby Lazofsky WIDE LEFT.
Foul on MUHL.
[72:33] PENALTY KICK by SCRWS14 Kelsey Bacon MISSED, save Rachel Mizrahi.
Foul on SCRWS14.
[73:24] SCRWS14 substitution: Samantha Wargo for Kelsey Bacon.
[73:24] SCRWS14 substitution: Christina Akalski for Katie O'Hanlon.
[73:24] SCRWS14 substitution: Kelly Egan for Sarah Andrews.
[73:24] SCRWS14 substitution: Gianna Vitolo for Michaela Arbus.
[73:24] SCRWS14 substitution: Ellen Walker for Shannon McKenna.
Foul on SCRWS14.
Foul on MUHL.
[79:04] Offside against SCRWS14.
Foul on MUHL.
[81:25] Offside against SCRWS14.
[83:16] Shot by MUHL Carly DeNigris HIGH.
[88:44] GOAL by SCRWS14 Samantha Wargo (FIRST GOAL), goal number 3 for season.
Scranton 1, Muhlenberg 0
*settled a ball in the box and rolled it into the far corner
[89:31] Shot by SCRWS14 Ellen Walker, SAVE Rachel Mizrahi.
End of period [90:00].