2nd Period

End of period [90:00].
[88:39] Shot by MUHL Taylor Pini, SAVE Jessica Lawton.
[86:03] MORWS substitution: Brittany Nicoline for Emily Crowley.
[84:56] Shot by MUHL Colleen Touhey, SAVE Jessica Lawton.
*breakaway goal
Moravian 1, Muhlenberg 1
[83:17] GOAL by MORWS Kirsten Schall, Assist by Taylor Blake, goal number 16 for season.
*long field goal
Muhlenberg 1, Moravian 0
[78:42] GOAL by MUHL Taylor Pini (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Colleen Touhey, goal number 5 for season.
[77:37] Corner kick by MUHL Carly DeNigris.
Foul on MORWS.
[75:50] MORWS substitution: Val. Margiottiello for Brooke Leacott.
[75:50] MUHL substitution: Jacelin Muschlitz for Abby Lazofsky.
[75:47] Shot by MUHL Carly DeNigris HIGH.
Foul on MORWS.
[74:05] Offside against MUHL.
Foul on MORWS.
[71:52] Header Shot by MORWS Lauren Bertucci, SAVE Rachel Mizrahi.
[71:30] Corner kick by MORWS Melissa Walko.
Foul on MUHL.
[68:38] Header Shot by MORWS Kirsten Schall HIGH.
[68:08] MORWS substitution: Melissa Walko for Val. Margiottiello.
[66:50] Shot by MUHL Carly DeNigris, SAVE Jessica Lawton.
[66:17] MORWS substitution: Taylor Blake for Marlene Lopes.
[66:06] Shot by MORWS Brooke Leacott, SAVE TEAM.
[65:54] Shot by MORWS Catherine Lamplugh, SAVE Rachel Mizrahi.
Foul on MORWS.
[62:19] MUHL substitution: Abby Lazofsky for Jacelin Muschlitz.
[61:29] MORWS substitution: Brooke Leacott for Taylor Blake.
[60:30] Shot by MUHL Tori Dowd, SAVE Jessica Lawton.
[57:47] MORWS substitution: Emily Crowley for Brittany Nicoline.
[54:29] MORWS substitution: Kirsten Schall for Melissa Walko.
Foul on MUHL.
[51:59] Shot by MUHL Phoebe Shields WIDE RIGHT.
Foul on MORWS.
Foul on MUHL.
[45:00] Jessica Lawton at goalie for MORWS.
Start of 2nd period [45:00].