Cardinal Key Society Fall 2005 Operational Agenda:


Executive Board:

President:                     Kevin Brydzinski

Vice President: Brendan Haney


                Secretary:                     Anne Marie Leiser


            Community Service:      Rachel Schein


            Senior Rep.:                 Allison Colino


            Junior Rep.:                  Jason Bonder


            Sophomore Rep.:         Ryan Chapoteau


Events Chair:                Stephanie Colunccini


            Advisor:                       Tracy Falco



Goals of Cardinal Key Executive Board- Fall 05’

·        Encourage unity and friendships among our membership

·        Reaffirm the commitment and enthusiasm of our membership  

·        Increase knowledge and awareness of our organization and its membership among the Muhlenberg community


Mission of operational agenda

·        To lay out the operational aspects of the society and organize the main plans for the Cardinal Key Society over the next semester.   This will help our members to understand exactly what will be occurring within the society in the near future. Naturally as new endeavors arise they will be added to the agenda, however this will be used as a general guideline for the time being.


I.                   Membership

·        General meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month @ 9.  This will remain for the entire semester unless otherwise noted.  Members will only be permitted to miss meetings if they have extenuating circumstances.  Its only once a month!

·        Traci and Kevin will be meeting weekly to discuss alumni opportunities.  Those opportunities will either be relayed to you via email or at general meetings.

·        Each member is REQUIRED to participate in at least 2community service events over the coarse of the semester.  Please report community service hours to Rachel Schein who will be keeping a log. 

·        Each member is REQUIRED to participate in at least 3 alumni relations sponsored events. 

·        All executive board meetings will be held on Sunday’s @ 7 through September 12th and Sunday’s @ 5 from September 12th through the end of the term.  All meeting are at the Cardinal Key House.  All members are welcome to observe if they would like.  Minutes from each meeting will be provided by Anne Marie and will be emailed to you after each meeting.



II.        Cardinal Key Newsletter

·        There will be two issues of the Cardinal Key newsletter distributed this semester.   We are eager to have members writing articles.  These articles may cover a wide variety of topics.   Examples could include reports on CKS events, spotlights on the membership, or Muhlenberg issues.   Remember the newsletter is sent out to all CKS members on the graduate and post graduate level and could be a great resume addition.   

1.      Proposed Dates of completion:

·        October 17th 2005

·        December 7th 2005


II.                Community Service  


·        Emily’s Walk is one of our main community service events for the semester.   Members received information regarding the cause over the summer and during the spring semester.  As an organization we will be attempting to have each member raise at least $25 in sponsorship for the cause.  Although $25 is the target, any donation to the cause will be helpful.  We will also have tables in the Muhlenberg student Union during week 2 of the semester raising money for the cause.  

·        Pinebrook  

·        In an effort to increase participation and enthusiasm for community service within the society Rachel will be working in cooperation with the Alumni Relations Department to develop community service events that deal directly with alumni relations and/or the department in general.     


III.       Homecoming

·        This semester the Cardinal Key Society will have more of an influence in the planning and actual carrying out of homecoming activities then it ever has in the past.   As always keys will be expected to participate in homecoming activities which will take place on October 8, 2005.   Although the homecoming committee has been meeting since last semester, you may contact Steph if you are interested in helping out more than your membership alone would require. 




IV.       Events

·        This semester we will hold a Bowling Mixer with the Alumni Relations Department staff.  This will be a great opportunity to get to know the members of the Alumni Relations Department and also bond with your fellow keys.  The event will take place on September 23, 2005 at Rose Bowl from 6:30-9:30.

·        This semester we will hold a Haunted Corn Maze Event for the entire membership.  The event will incorporate fun but also the strengthening of teambuilding skills among the membership since the maze must be done in complete darkness.  The event will take place on October 21, 2005.     

·        We are in the process of putting together an alumni/ student flag football game for one weekend this semester.  The event will be a sponsored Alumni Relations event. 

·        The Executive Board is also looking into a CKS overnight “bonding” trip for sometime next semester.  Your input would be appreciated as we move forward in the planning of this. 


V.        Website

·        The website will be analyzed and updated no later then the end of September.  We hope that the website will be maintained regularly and include services to our membership such as scheduling, minutes, and important dates.  The website will also be used as a recruitment resource, which will provide the Muhlenberg community with the most up-to-date and in-depth information regarding our organization and membership.     


VI.       Housing

·        Maintain positive housing status

·        Must hold two events in 2230 Chew St. house