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Table of Contents:

Article I    Name
Article II    Purpose
Article III    Executive Board
Article IV    Membership
Article V    Club Year
Article VI    Elections
Article VII    Officers
Article VIII   Meetings/Events
Article IX    Committees
Article X    Experimental Year
Article XI    Code of Conduct
Article XII    Parliamentary Authority
Article XIII    Amendments
Article XIV    Ratification



The organization shall be called the COMPANION CLUB of Muhlenberg College.

The purpose of this organization shall be to:
Sec. 1.  Stimulate an interest in The Seeing Eye, Inc.
Sec. 2.  Enhance the independence, dignity, and self-confidence of blind people through the use of Seeing Eye dogs.
Sec. 3.  Raise puppies for The Seeing Eye in a nurturing family environment, in order to give them a firm foundation of love and trust, and to expose them to different daily stimuli, such as traffic, stores, people, and dogs.
Sec. 4.  Hold monthly obedience training sessions for the Approved Members and their puppies, and to give members guidance, advice, and support. Meetings are open to potential interested Puppy Raisers.
Sec. 5.  Promote educational, social and recreational activities.

Sec. 1.  The Executive Board shall consist of the four officers and the designated Puppy Raisers. Any standing and temporary committee chairpersons must attend the Executive Board meetings but shall not vote.
Sec. 2.  Only the four officers and Puppy Raisers may vote at an Executive Board meeting.  
Sec. 3.  Any decision of the Executive Board may be turned over by a 2/3 vote of the members present at a club meeting.
Sec. 4.  Only the Executive Board Members (the club’s officers and Puppy
Raisers) are permitted to live in the M.I.L.E. House.


Sec. 1.  All students, faculty, and staff of Muhlenberg College shall be eligible for membership; however faculty and staff will not be eligible to run for office.
Sec. 2.  Members shall consist of Approved and General Members.  Approved
Members are eligible to participate in the care of the dog.  They
consist of chairpersons, representatives, officers, or any other appointed
members.  For the guidelines of the process to become an Approved Member, see the Approved Member Guidelines Document.  General Members do not participate in dog care, but do aid in fundraising and public relations. 
Sec. 3. All Approved and General Members must be registered with the Executive
Sec. 4. The total number of on-campus dogs shall not exceed 4, maximum
of two dogs per House and/or six Approved Members. 
Sec. 5.  Approved Members must attend 100% of the meetings/events each semester, unless excused by an Executive Officer.  They must also attend 100% of The Seeing Eye monthly training sessions, or they may be put on   probation by decision of the Executive Board.
Sec. 6.  General Members must attend 50% of the meetings/events each semester.
Sec. 7.  Outside of the academic year, Approved Members are required to attend   monthly meetings sponsored by their local 4-H/Seeing Eye Puppy   Raising Club.
Sec. 8.  Approved Members must sign and comply with the terms of the club’s         vital agreements with Muhlenberg and The Seeing Eye.
Sec. 9.  An applicant to the organization shall begin as a General Member.  If the
Executive Board feels that a General Member is able to assume the
responsibilities of dog care, the Executive Board shall appoint them to
the position of an Approved Member.
Sec. 10.  Approved Members can be appointed to Puppy Raisers at the discretion
of the Executive Board.
Sec. 11.  Approved members do not have the ability to live in the M.I.L.E
House, only Puppy Raisers and Officers are granted this ability.


The club year shall begin during the last week of September and end the first week of May, of the following year.  During the summer months of May, June, July, August and any extended vacations, the care of the dog shall be the officers’ responsibility.

Sec. 1.  The nominations for the elections will be held at the April monthly meeting.  The period for choosing nominees will be seven days prior to the April monthly meeting.  Following the April meeting, all nominees must meet with the current Executive Board for approval.  The elections will occur following the May monthly meeting. The period for casting ballots will last for seven days after the May monthly meeting.  Required paper work for nominations and elections will be sealed and available at the M.I.L.E. House under the member’s name during the respective time periods.  (Note:  Student IDs will be required upon receiving and returning the ballot.)
Sec. 2.  The positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected positions based on the majority vote of 2/3 of the organization’s members.  However, the 4 to 6 Puppy Raisers are appointed by the current Executive Board prior to the annual elections in May, and chairpersons of committees are appointed when the Executive Board sees them as beneficial to the organization.
Sec. 3.  All club members are eligible to run for office.  A club member must nominate the candidate running for office.  Another club member must second the nomination.  Then the nominees shall be interviewed by the Executive Board.  All nominees must be approved by the Executive Board.
Sec. 4.  Each member is entitled to cast one vote for each elected position and a
majority vote of 2/3 is required to be elected.  If this cannot be met, the election will be considered null and void, and the current officers will retain their responsibilities until the next election.
Sec. 5.  Elected members are required to hold office for the entire following club
year of the organization.  In the event that an elected member resigns, is impeached, or graduates during his/her elected period, the Executive Board will appoint a qualified member until the next election.


Sec. 1.  The officers of the club shall be:
a.    President
b.    Vice President
c.    Secretary
d.    Treasurer
e.    Puppy Raisers
Sec. 2.   The President shall call and preside at all club meetings.  He or she shall oversee all temporary committees and standing committees.  The President shall set up and verify all programs (i.e. speakers, demonstrations, club outings, exposure activities) with the consent of the club members and is responsible for all club property.  He or she shall only be able to vote at club meetings in the event of a tie.  All other officers and committee chairpersons shall be responsible to the President.  The President shall also be responsible for the counseling and advising of Approved Members with any difficulties, questions and concerns they may have.  He or she shall regularly update The Seeing Eye’s Area Coordinator of the progress and happenings of the club and its members. 
Sec. 3.  The Vice President shall assume the President’s office in his or her absence.  He or she may call upon the assistance of any committee for the accomplishment of this duty.  The Vice President is responsible for the education of puppy raising applicants, completion of their applications, keeping application records, and setting up meetings between the Executive Board and the applicants.
Sec. 4.  The Secretary shall be responsible for taking the minutes of all meetings and for the keeping of attendance, correspondence, and all other records. 
Sec. 5.  The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of all dues, finances, and fundraising.  He or she is responsible for the allotment of funds with the approval of the officers and members of the club.  The Treasurer is also responsible for all club property, along with the President.  The Treasurer shall report all expenditures to Student Council.
Sec. 6.  The Puppy Raisers are responsible for the well-being of the dog during the period of time the organization is caring for it.  Puppy Raisers must be Approved Members, and are appointed by the Executive Board. There will be a maximum of 4 Puppy Raisers.


Sec. 1.  Meetings shall be held at the call of the officers, at least twice a month, consisting of at least one obedience training session and/or one organized event.
Sec. 2.  Meetings of the club must have a quorum of 1/3 of all members for any business to be transacted.
Sec. 3.  Any decisions regarding assets, dog care, or membership of the club shall be voted upon by the Executive Board, while all other decisions shall be voted upon by the General Members.
Sec. 4.  The Executive Board shall meet at least once a week, or as needed at the President’s call. 
Sec. 5.  All officers and Approved Members will be required to attend 100% of monthly Seeing Eye training meetings.  Not attending may result in probation (see code of conduct).

Sec. 1.  Standing committees shall be formed as needed to help the Executive Board run and organize events and programs.
Sec. 2.  The Executive Board shall appoint chairpersons for each standing committee, and announce his or her appointments to the club members at the beginning of club meetings.  The Executive Board has the ability to disband any committee as it sees fit.
Sec. 3.  The duties of each committee chairperson shall be to organize and assign duties to his/her committee’s members, and to keep the Executive Board abreast of the committee’s progress and activities.


The first puppy raising year shall be an experimental period before the organization will accept general memberships outside of the Executive Board.  The Executive Board will handle all responsibilities regarding the raising of the puppy; however applications will still be accepted for the next year during the spring semester. 


Sec. 1. Impeachment: If 2/3 of the Executive Board finds an officer’s conduct 
worthy of impeachment, the officer will be notified and the Executive Board will appoint a replacement.  Also the members may impeach any officer with a majority 2/3 vote, then the officer will be removed and a replacement will be appointed by the Executive Board..
Sec. 2.  Probation: If 2/3 of the Executive Board finds a member’s conduct worthy
of a probationary period, the member will be put on probation for a period no longer than 2 months; however this is up the discretion of the Executive Board.
Sec. 3. Dismissal: If a member has been put on probation more than once, their
position in the club will be evaluated. The Executive Board has the right to
dismiss any member as it sees fit. A 2/3 majority vote will be required to
dismiss a member.
Sec. 4. Appeals: A member that has been reprimanded has the ability to appeal the
Executive Board’s decision. The member will be required to write a letter
of appeal denoting his/her reasoning for the appeal and have a hearing
with the Executive Board.
Sec. 5. A member that has been dismissed will not be eligible to rejoin the
organization for one club year following the event leading to dismissal.


The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order Revisited shall govern this organization in all cases to which they are applicable, and in all cases to which they are not inconsistent with the constitution or the special rules of the organization. (Note: Any and all issues or regulations that arise and are not covered in the Constitution will be handled at the discretion of the Executive Board and in consultation with The Seeing Eye’s Area Coordinator.)


This constitution may be amended by the Executive Board officers and/or by 2/3 vote of all members present at the club meeting.

This constitution shall become effective upon majority vote of the membership of the club and the Executive Board.

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