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Latest News: (updated 9/23/03)

8/03- Melissa Kubit donated $1000 to The Companion Club! Thanks Melissa!

8/28/03 - Web Site completed

8/31/03 - Activities Fair- The Fair was very successful. The Companion Club gained 4 new                         members; Alexandra Raymond, Lisa Gingold, David Melman, and Jeff Mueller.

9/4/03 - Kristen Fredericks joins The Companion Club!

9/5/03 - First training meeting with Dr. Wixon was a success. Members learned the proper way                to walk a Seeing Eye Puppy. Dr. Wixon taught members how to correcly apply the                      leash to Seeing Eye dogs. She also went over disciplinary procedures to use while                        walking a Seeing Eye Puppy. Members in attendance were Jodi Tiffenberg, Morgan                      McCord, Connor McEnery, and Kristen Fredericks.

9/8/03 - Companion Club members will be caring for Elicia, Dr. Wixon's Seeing Eye puppy,                       from  3-5 pm.

9/11/03 - Meeting with Lehigh Valley Puppy Raising Club.

9/12/03- Companion Club welcomes it's 2 newest members, Emily Nealis and Megan Finnegan!                  Thanks Emily and Megan!

9/18/03- Companion Club web site has changed addresses and is now on Muhlenberg College's                  server.

9/23/03- Companion Club has adopted a new logo.

9/23/03- Companion Club has created a Calendar web site. Now members can keep track of                    meetings and events on the internet!