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    The Seeing Eye/4-H Puppy Raising Program is a joint effort of The Seeing Eye and the 4-H Youth Development Program. Generally, participants are children ages nine to 19, and adults, especially retired adults. The Seeing Eye breeds its own German shepherds, Labrador retrievers and Golden retrievers and Lab/Golden cross. We are always looking for families where we can place our puppies. The puppy needs to stay in your home until it is approximately 14-16 months of age. During the puppy's stay in your home, you will provide guidance and direction in the puppy's development. You will teach the puppy basic obedience commands and expose the puppy to the world in which it will eventually work. You will also provide lots of love, attention, discipline and encouragement for the puppy, and create the foundation for the dog's formal training as a Seeing Eye dog. You will learn how to do all these things from our staff and by attending local puppy club meetings and puppy trips with other club members. Puppies are placed with families in New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Warwick, NY. Due to geography, if you live outside of these areas you will not be eligible to participate as we will not be able to adequately support you throughout the process from such a distance.