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Welcome To The Companion Club

 A Beginning Thought:

     Working as a puppy raiser gives you the ability to help someone in need.  Your job in the greater scheme of things is to provide a potential service dog with a loving home, as well as with socialization and basic obedience lessons, before the dog is old enough to go on to advanced training.  Your service will help society. 

German Shepherd Puppy in a Harness

"A good puppy raiser is flexible and relaxed, has a sense of humor, is creative, and enjoys talking to people and being out in the community. A good puppy raiser clearly understands the reason puppy raisers are so important and is capable of handling the emotional ups and downs that go with giving unconditional love to a puppy who will only be around for a little more than a year. The work of puppy raisers is deeply appreciated by those people receiving the dog that has grown from a silly wild puppy into a mature, responsible member of a team." -Puppy Place

Club Proposal:

    To introduce a club that will allow students to raise a Seeing Eye dog.  Members of the club will raise a puppy for a period of 12-13 months, or however long the Seeing Eye organization requires. The members of the club will be responsible for the care and overall health of the dog. Each member of the club will be given very specific responsibilities regarding the care of the dog. Some members of the club will be required to live in special on-campus housing, namely
Picture of Yellow & Black Labrador Guide Dogs M.I.L.E. house. All Members will be required to attend a Seeing Eye Dog Raiser training course. Members will learn the principles of raising a dog and the atmosphere conducive to producing a Seeing Eye dog. The Companion Club will provide the college with a beneficial relationship with a national organization and possibly even promote interaction with the vision-impaired population in the Allentown area. Dr. Kathryn Wixon will be the advisor for the club. She has been involved with the Seeing Eye organization for a number of years and is currently raising her seventh dog. She will be a valuable ally in the club's works. All necessary money will be provided by the Seeing Eye Organization and raised through various fundraising activities. In addition, Seeing Eye dog raising organizations in other colleges have been in contact with the Club Companion and have agreed to share their experiences and advice on the issue of raising a dog while in college.

Some pictures and information provided by the Seeing Eye. Please visit their website.
Some picture and information provided by the Puppy Place. Please visit their website.

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