Watt's your 'Bergtricity?

Watts your Bergtricity?

2012 Dorm Energy Competition

Monday March 19th-Friday March 30th 2012 

The Watt’s Your ‘Bergtricity? Dorm Energy Competition is an energy reduction competition between the fifteen major campus dormitories. Over this 2 week period the dorms will compete to decrease their energy use, and the dorm that does so the most will win a pizza party for the entire dorm!  Check back here to see how your dorm is currently doing…and do your part to reduce your dorm’s energy use! 

The graphs are meant to show total energy use.  However this competition is about which dorm can reduce their energy consumption the most.  So compare the real time graph with the baseline to see if your dorm has reduced their energy the most and thus is winning!

Current Energy Use

Current as of Sunday 3/21/2012- The Dormitories, ranked by their energy consumption

Average Graph

Current as of 3/21/2012- Baseline graph showing the dorms' average energy usage (measured in Kilowatts per hour) for the past 7 days.

Name Value(Kw-hr)
South Hall
Robertson Hall
Prosser Hall
Walz Hall
Taylor Hall
Walson hall
Brown Hall
East hall
Benefer hall
2201 Chew St.
Village 01
Village 02
Village 03
Village 04
Current as of 3/21/2012- Average energy usage for each dorm of the past 7 days.


Some quick energy-saving tips to help your dorm win Watt’s Your ‘Bergtricity?

1. Unplug all appliances—even your computer, cell phone charger, laptop cords, printers, speakers, microwaves, pretty much anything other than lights. Even when appliances are turned off but left plugged in they still use energy.

2. Take the stairs. If you were to walk up and down 3 flights of stairs instead of taking an elevator, it would save the amount of energy it takes to charge your phone.

3. Use less hot water by taking shorter showers, which requires less energy to heat the water.

4. Take advantage of natural light! Open the shades during the day for lighting and heating your room, close them at night to keep heat in.

5. Turn off your lights whenever you leave your room. It’s a myth that turning on and off fluorescent lights uses more energy.

6. Set your computer to sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Screensavers do  
not save energy – but sleep mode does!

7. Turn off your TV and watch the same show with friends. An average TV uses 115 watts per one-hour episode.

8. Report energy insufficiencies to plant-ops. (ie. broken heater, jammed windows). 

If you have any questions, please email EnAcT at bergenact@gmail.com