Kevin Canavan P'10,
Carolina Millard '10 and
Beatty O'Donnell P'10 at Commencement 2010

A Message to Parents

From Parents Council Co-Chairs,
Beatty O’Donnell P’10 and Kevin Canavan P’10

The world has changed inalterably since our daughter first walked through the Red Doors as a Muhlenberg freshman in 2006. Now, nearly four years later, and in a turbulent economy, we have celebrated our daughter’s graduation from Muhlenberg. As her parents we could and perhaps should be worried about her future, but we are not. We saw our daughter mature as a person, a student and an artist while at Muhlenberg. The education, experiences and relationships that Muhlenberg has provided her give us the confidence that, regardless of the challenges, she is well equipped to face them.

As parents, we each have a vested interest in the quality of the Muhlenberg experience. We want our children challenged by the best of their peers and we want Muhlenberg alumni to distinguish themselves and the school upon graduation. Now more than ever the Muhlenberg experience is critical to the future success of our children and their future fellow alumni. Annual giving through The Muhlenberg Fund is vital to sustaining the quality and competitiveness of the College. With a direct impact on operational resources and financial aid, the strength of The Muhlenberg Fund translates to the quality of students the College can attract and enroll.

Tuition at Muhlenberg, as at most colleges, has never reflected the true cost of educating students. The Muhlenberg Fund is relied on each year to close the gap between tuition and the actual cost of your child’s education. Muhlenberg’s steady, conservative financial philosophy has allowed its tuition to stay below that of many peer institutions. However, tuition certainly would have risen more if not for the generosity of parents, alumni and friends who have supported the College annually through The Muhlenberg Fund.

Your gift, of any size, makes a difference now, today, this year, in the lives of all Muhlenberg students. Please join the 1,200+ Muhlenberg parents who have already supported the College this year and make an online gift now. Acknowledge the wisdom of your child’s college selection and your family’s educational investment with a gift by June 30, 2010 to also be included among the thousands who have supported The Talents Entrusted to Our Care: The Campaign for Muhlenberg College.

With best wishes for your child’s success,

Beatrice O’Donnell P’10
Co-Chair Parents Council

Kevin Canavan P’10
Co-Chair Parents Council