Giving Back to ’Berg

Through The Talents Entrusted to Our Care: The Campaign for Muhlenberg College, we are committed to increasing both the number of donors and the total contributions to The Muhlenberg Fund. While the total amount we raise each year continues to rise, Muhlenberg still lags behind most institutions in our comparison group. Further, about 33 percent of alumni give back annually to the College, as compared to 40 percent or better at many of the most highly respected institutions. We aim to increase the number of alumni who count the College among their top philanthropic priorities.

Muhlenberg parents believe in the College and support it at surprising rates. In a recent year, more than 75 percent of solicited parents of current students made a gift to The Muhlenberg Fund in addition to paying tuition. That’s a ringing endorsement from people who are closest to Muhlenberg today and see first-hand the value of such support.


Parent Participation Rate
Unrestricted Support 2006
Alumni Participation Rate