Chairman of the Board Richard F. Brueckner '71, P'04, P'09 and President Randy Helm with the new Lifetime Giving Society plaques.


Muhlenberg Celebrates
Lifetime Giving Society,
Unveils Donor Recognition Plaques

February 9, 2009

More than 120 trustees, alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff and students gathered at Muhlenberg on Friday, January 30 for a celebration of the College’s Lifetime Giving Society held in conjunction with the Board of Trustee’s January dinner. To view photos of this event, please visit the Gallery page.

Muhlenberg’s Lifetime Giving Society recognizes the cumulative giving of the College’s most loyal donors. This year’s celebration included the unveiling of the new Lifetime Giving Society donor recognition plaques, which will be placed permanently in the Haas College Center Rotunda this spring.

In total, the College boasts 204 individual members of the Society, including 125 alumni, 48 parents (21 of the 48 are both alumni and parents), and even a few sets of Muhlenberg grandparents. Muhlenberg is also proud to recognize organizations including businesses, corporations and foundations as well as estates and anonymous donors in the Lifetime Giving Society.

Each of the four circles within the Society is named for an important member of the Muhlenberg family: John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, Henry Ernst Muhlenberg and Anna Maria Weiser Muhlenberg.

Members in attendance who were honored at this year’s dinner include:

The John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg Circle
Lifetime giving of $1,000,000 and above

John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg was commissioned a brigadier general in the Continental Army and wintered at Valley Forge with George Washington. The statue of him on Muhlenberg’s campus, affectionately known as General Pete, makes him easily the most recognizable of the three Muhlenberg sons. 

  • Chairman of the Board, Richard F. Brueckner ’71, P’04, P’09 and Laurie Cameron Brueckner ’72, P’04, P’09 
  • Former Chairman of the Board, John M. Heffer P’96 and Barbara Heffer P’96 
  • Trustee William D. Miers ’49 and his wife, Virginia
  • The Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), represented by Bishop Samuel R. Zeiser, trustee of the College 
  • The Henry C. Trexler Trust, represented tonight by Trexler Trustees Kathryn Stephanoff, Malcolm J. Gross ’62, P’94, P’02 and Robert Wood who is also a Muhlenberg trustee, and Executive Director Janet Roth

The Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg Circle
Lifetime giving of $500,000 to $999,999

Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg was elected to the Continental Congress in 1779 and subsequently served as the speaker of the first and third U.S. House of Representatives. 

  • Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod ELCA, represented by Bishop Claire S. Burkat, trustee of the College 
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, represented by Dr. Mark Wilhelm, director for colleges and universities 
  • Milton W. Wood and Evelyn S. Rabenold-Wood, represented by College Trustee Bob Wood and his wife, Ilene

The Henry Ernst Muhlenberg Circle
Lifetime giving of $250,000 to $499,999

Henry Ernst Muhlenberg was the youngest of the three Muhlenberg sons, and in addition to being a Lutheran minister like his brothers, he was also a self-taught botanist who was personally responsible for the names of 150 species of plants as well as a bog turtle. In addition, Henry was the first president of Franklin College (now Franklin & Marshall). 

  • Trustee Arthur A. Altman ’53, P’84 and Phoebe J. Altman P’84 
  • Huburt H. Bury ’35, P’69 
  • The estates of John D. Carapella ’34 and his late sister Jeanne V. Freeman AW’34, represented by cousin Albert Mariano 
  • Blake C. Marles ’74, P’02 and Marilyn Macknik Marles ’75, P’02 
  • Trustee Mark J. Paris ’80 and his wife, Tammy L. Bormann ’83, who is also a campaign co-chair 
  • William J. Raines ’49 and his wife, Theodora 
  • Sodexo Dining Services, represented by College Trustee Robert Wood and his wife, Ilene 
  • Wachovia represented by Vice President and Philanthropic Consultant Thomas Zajac 
  • Life Trustee Reverend Doctor Harold Weiss ’52 and Mary Anne Weiss

The Anna Maria Weiser Muhlenberg Circle
Lifetime giving of $100,000 to $249,999

As the wife of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, Anna Maria Weiser Muhlenberg played an important role in his life as well as the lives of their children. The founding circle of the Lifetime Giving Society is named for her in recognition of her contributions to her family. 

  • Trustee John W. Blend ’68 and his wife, Connie 
  • Trustee Lona Farr ’62, P’94 and David Voellinger 
  • Malcolm J. ’62, P’94, P’02 and Janet Gross P’02 
  • Trustee Bruce G. Kilroy ’71 and Cynthia Vander Horn Kilroy 
  • Trustee Jack Ladley ’70, P’01 and Diane Schmidt Ladley ’70, P’01 
  • J. Michael Lawrie represented by his mother, Jean Lawrie Long AW’51 
  • The Friends and Family of James J. and Helen L. Malatack represented by Jeffrey P’03, P’11 and Catherine “Kit” Malatack P’03, P’11 
  • Clair D. Miller ’59 and his wife, Anne Pool Miller 
  • The Muhlenberg College Alumni Association represented by President Louis Lessig ’93 
  • David J. Nowack ’67 and his wife, Lois ’94 
  • Trustee and Campaign Co-chair Jeffrey Porphy ’89 and Leigh Ann Kowalchick-Porphy 
  • Karl R. Reichstadter ’63 
  • Trustee John B. Rosenberg ’63 and his wife, Stephanie Lambert 
  • Trustee Karen White Wagoner ’71 and Donald Wagoner 
  • Dean of the College of Academic Life, Carol Shiner Wilson, and her husband, Professor of history, Daniel J. Wilson
  • Women’s Auxiliary of Muhlenberg College, represented by Auxiliary President Betty Ehrets

Muhlenberg College extends our deepest gratitude to members of the Lifetime Giving Society for their outstanding support.  For more information on the Society, or making a gift to the campaign, please call 484-664-3247 or email

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