Dr. Albert F. Lindenstruth's class photo and (right) with Jennifer R. McLarin '86, Director of Alumni Relations, on a recent visit to Muhlenberg


A Solid Foundation

Dr. Albert F. Lindenstruth ’42 Establishes
Legacy Scholarship at Muhlenberg

January 28, 2010

“I had lots of assistance when I was a student at Muhlenberg,” recalls Dr. Albert F. Lindenstruth ’42, who recently established a Legacy Scholarship at Muhlenberg. “I had a scholarship, and I also had a job in the College Commons (the student union) and in the library (now Haas College Center).” Dr. Lindenstruth says he established the Legacy Scholarship to give a current student the same opportunity he had.

“I had to work all four years and missed out on a lot of the social activities, but I didn’t mind,” he continues. “I did occasionally attend football and basketball games, and I can tell you that Muhlenberg hosted two of the best proms ever or since while I was there. Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey performed at our junior prom; and Johnnie Messner and his orchestra at our senior prom. They were great!”

Dr. Lindenstruth started out as a business major, but switched to chemistry in his junior year. One of his favorite courses was Qualitative Organic Chemistry. “You worked in the lab,” he says. “They gave you some chemicals and you had to figure out what they were. I really enjoyed that. It was challenging, but very interesting.” He cites Drs. Brandes and Keller as two of his favorite professors.

Dr. Lindenstruth worked for a variety of companies including General Chemical, a TNT plant in West Virginia, with his friend and fellow classmate Ralph Hauze ’42, and Hercules, Inc., a chemicals company in Wilmington, Delaware.

After a year in Delaware, his boss called Dr. Lindenstruth into his office and told him he’d be moving to Lawrence, Kansas that very day and assigned to their Sunflower rocket powder plant. In Kansas, he completed his Ph.D. in organic chemistry and met his wife. He finally settled at Dupont, in the area of textile fibers and worked on technical problems, managing the production of materials like nylon, LYCRA and Dacron. Dr. Lindenstruth enjoyed his career, particularly a five-year stint in Geneva, Switzerland as Products Director, and says that Muhlenberg is where it all began.

“You go through all this schooling, and really what you’re learning is how to think,” says Dr. Lindenstruth. “When I look back over my career, I can see that the place that I got the most assistance was Muhlenberg. And that gave me a solid foundation. Without that assistance, I never would have gone to college. That’s why I established the scholarship.”

Muhlenberg’s Legacy Scholarship program aims to increase the number of endowed scholarships that Muhlenberg offers to deserving students each year. Alumni, parents and friends who wish to participate in the Legacy Scholarship program are asked to make a four-year commitment of at least $1,500 per year to a general named scholarship, and a commitment to establish an endowed scholarship fund with either a current or deferred gift.

Through the Legacy Scholarship program, Dr. Lindenstruth’s gift will continue to ensure that Muhlenberg remains within reach of capable students, regardless of their ability to pay.

For more information on establishing a Legacy Scholarship, please contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at 484-664-3247 or talentscampaign@muhlenberg.edu.

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